How to sell an investment handbag


Chanel Boy Bag styled for summer.

Pictured: Chanel Boy Bag. Similar Boy Bags available for resale here and here.

Is your closet overfilling? Do you have expensive handbags collecting dust? Did you buy one too many classic black shoulder bags by Chanel? Don’t worry, there is an easy solution to for turning investments handbags into cash.

You can sell pretty much any designer handbag you would like to turn into cash. Most designer handbags will sell for less than you originally paid for them, but for a coveted few, investment bags, you can actually make money when you sell.

Depending on whether or not a handbag offers a classic style, or trendy style, will dictate how much you can sell the handbag for on the secondary market. I will not give you numbers, because how much a handbag is worth can change on a daily basis; much like the stock market.

If you do not care how much you sell your handbag for, then just go ahead and sell it now; according to my tips further down in this article. If you would like to sell your handbag, or handbags, for top dollar, it takes a little planning.

First off: is your handbag an investment handbag or a designer handbag? If your handbag is an investment handbag, such as an Hermes Birkin or Chanel 2.55, and it is in good condition, then chances are you can sell your handbag for more than you paid for it, any time of the year. If your handbag is designer, not investment, then you need to pay attention to the current trends.

Is your designer handbag burgundy suede; or other seasonal hue and fabrication? Then your handbag will scream the season it hails from. It should be sold during the appropriate selling season. When you start to see the season that it is, hit the stores, it is time to sell your handbag. Pay attention to the seasons when selling seasonal handbag.

Is your designer handbag classic black, white, beige, or red? Then you can sell at any time of the year. Be cautious with navy, dark navy sells better in fall and winter, while light navy sells well in spring and summer.

How do you price your handbag? This is the question of the year. Look at resale websites such as Vestaire Collection and The Real Real. You can see what your handbag is currently selling for, and if it is worth it to sell. This will give you an idea of how much your handbag is worth in the secondary market.

What condition is your handbag in? This is very important when pricing your handbag, and realizing whether or not it has resale value. Look at your bag. Would you buy it if it was sitting on a store shelf? Does it have visible damage? Visible repairs? Has the color faded? Are the corners worn? Are there scratches? These will all affect the value of your bag, and whether or not you can resell it.

Where do you sell your handbag? There are several ways to sell a designer or investment handbag. Consignment shops, online consignment shops, brick and mortar auction houses, online auction houses, and peer-to-peer apps.

You can go the traditional route and walk into your local consignment store, get a quote, sign a contract, and leave the bag to be sold; but this will not yield the highest payback for your handbag.

If you like the consignment idea, but would prefer to reach a larger audience than your hometown, there are online consignment shops which have a national or gloabl reach. Look at online consignment shops such as The Real Real, Vestaire Collective, and Fashionphile.

Not interested in splitting the profits with a consignment shop? You can take a risk and sell your handbag on an online auction site. I say risk because there are so many replicas on online auction sites, your handbag could be mistaken for one by uninformed shoppers. The other thing to watch out for are the buyers. There are scam buyers who will buy your bag, receive it, claim it’s fake, demand a refund from PayPal, and leave you both bagless and penniless. So if you sell online with an auction house, make sure the buyer is trustworthy. Be wary of new  buyers without a buying record or feedback.

You can also sell your handbag yourself through peer-to-peer apps such as Poshmark. You pay a small fee, and keep most of the profit for yourself. They are safer than online auction houses, and have a quick turnaround time.

If you know of more ways to sell designer and investment handbags, please feel free to leave them in the comments below! Every idea helps!

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Button front skirts for fall 2015

Button front skirts for fall 2015.

Pictured: Suede midi skirt / Black denim skirt / Denim button front mini skirt / Suede mini skirt / Long button front denim skirt

Button front skirts are a huge trend this fall 2015 season. The button front skirt has been spotted everywhere for the upcoming autumn season; from the runways to the streets, it is the IT skirt of the season.

Whether you prefer mini skirts, midi skirts, or maxi skirt, there is a button front skirt this season for you. The button front skirt is being shown in all three lengths; with suede and denim as the most popular fabrications.

Button front skirts are a fabulous fall trend. They are casual in nature, making them a fabulous alternative to jeans or cords. Love that!

With the 1970’s trend in full swing for fall, button front skirts are taking center stage as the ultimate skirt to own. The button front skirt was a huge trend in the 1970’s, making it fit perfectly into the season.

Button front skirts can be worn with sandals, thick heeled sandals or pumps, booties, and knee boots. They can also be paired with body conscious sweaters or knits, ponchos, secretary blouses, tees, and casual blouses. These combinations make button front skirts perfect for both weekends and casual office environments. Love it!

I absolutely adore the button front skirt trend. I remember my Mom wearing a brown suede, button front skirt when I was a small child. I always liked how it looked on her, but the trend never returned after the late 1970’s. Now that it is finally back, I cannot wait to wear it!

This fall season I have already picked up a navy suede, button front midi skirt (similar here) and this beige suede, button front skirt. I also have my eyes on this denim, button front skirt. Now, I need to find a fabulous pair of boots to wear with them!

Button front skirts around the web:

Burgundy laser cut midi skirt for fall 2015

fall 2015 style for women over forty years oldburgandy laser cut midi skirt outfit idea for fallburgandy laser cut jcrew midi skirt fall 2015givenchy antigona aquazurra high heels sandals fall 2015fall 2015 midi skirt outfit ideagenx style fashion midi skirt outfit ideagivenchy small sugar antigona

Pictured: Earrings: c/o Kendra Scott / Sunglasses: Prada / Lipstick: Chanel Melancolie / Necklace: c/o Kendra Scott / Top: BCBG (old, also love this one) / Skirt: JCrew / Bracelets: Kendra Scott / Handbag: Givenchy / Nail Polish: Chanel Vert Obscur / Shoes: Aquazurra (also love this pair)

This skirt! When I received my fall 2015 JCrew catalog a few weeks ago in the mail, I almost fell off my chair when I spotted this midi skirt in the pages of the glossy. The laser cut overlay, and the beautiful burgundy hue, spoke to me.

Rarely does clothing speak to me; especially in the form of “you need me now!” Normally I see something I like, I ponder it, I try to match it with other things in my closet, then I make my decision. With this midi skirt, I did not have to think, I just knew it was “the one.”

JCrew offers the skirt in burgundy, navy, and black. These are all fabulous colors, but I felt the burgundy/wine hue was really exceptional. This color sets off the laser cut-outs, making the midi skirt incredibly interesting. Love that!

When I received this laser cut midi skirt in the mail, it was even prettier than I imagined. In person, the cut-outs, and the color, are exceptional. I know I will be wearing this midi skirt all season long!

My beautiful nine-year-old daughter snapped these pictures before church last Sunday. It was the first time I wore the skirt, and I was thrilled! My two daughters love it too! :-)

I paired this laser cut midi skirt with a simple white top from my closet. I cannot wait to start pairing it with thicker fabrics, knitwear, and even sweaters! Bring on the cold weather!

I also need to give a shout-out to the fabulous pair of earrings, and beautiful necklace by Kendra Scott I am wearing in these photos. I received them last week at the RewardStyle Master Class in San Francisco. Kendra Scott’s team was there showing the fall collection, and how the Color Bar works. 

As a huge fan of Kendra Scott’s gems, I was thrilled to receive these two items. The earrings are fabulous. They can be worn with, or without, the earring jacket. Two in one =  fabulous! ( and a money saver ;-)) 

This necklace is also a perfect closet staple. It matches everything, of course, and transcends trends. I love timeless pieces; and would love to own it in every color!

Have you found a key piece this fall which speaks to you?

Outfit details:

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick review

charlotte tilbury matte revolution miss kensington lipstick review swatch charlotte tilbury matte revolution lipstick review

Pictured: Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick in Miss Kensington.

I have heard amazing things about the Charlotte Tilbury beauty collection. This prompted me to want to try out her matte lipstick. I prefer matte lipsticks, and sheer lipsticks, so when I saw how beautiful the Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick collection looked, I had to give it a try!

Miss Kensington is the first color which captured my eye from the Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick collection. It is a light pink, reminiscent of the pale pinks which were popular in the 1960’s. I love the look!

Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution in Miss Kensington applied smoothly; almost silk-like. I found the lipstick to be long-lasting, as well as moisturizing. Love that!

The matte nature of the lipstick, combined with the pale pink color of Miss Kensington, gives the overall lipstick a natural, easy appearance to wear on a daily basis. This hue is perfect for both daytime and nighttime ensembles; especially in the summer months.

I love the color with my bright summer clothing, I also feel like it will transition into early fall nicely with light autumn colors; as well as neutral apparel. Love that!

I am looking forward to purchasing more from Charlotte Tilbury’s matte revolution collection in the future. I love the lipstick formula, and the color choices are a-ma-zing!

Charlotte Tilbury matte revolution lipstick in Miss Kensington can be found online here.

There is also a Miss Kensington color collection which can be found online here. This collection looks amazing. It contains the matte revolution lipstick, Colour of Youth Lip & Cheek Colour, Dreamy Glow Highlighter Illuminating Youth Powder, Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow in Jean, Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow in Marie Antoinette, Rock ‘n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in Barbarella Brown, and Full Fat Lashes 5 Star Mascara; all in a fabulous Charlotte Tilbury makeup bag. Love!

Scenes from Instagram

mansur gavriel shoulder bags cross body

I indulged in Mansur Gavriel’s new cross body bags. Aren’t they fabulous! I am already a huge fan of their drawstring bags, so I had to take the shoulder bag plunge. Available for pre-order online here.

casual outfit idea

One of my current favorite, #ootd You can the complete outfit here.

kendra scott fall 2015 collection rsmasterclass

Earlier in the week I attended a short seminar hosted by RewardStyle and sponsored by Kendra Scott. #rsMasterClass was a great event featuring SEO and web design tips. I also met some fabulous local bloggers.

Kendra Scott’s fall collection is nothing short of amazing. I have already indulged in these bracelets and this pair of earrings. To view the whole fall 2015 collection, please click here.

saratoga view of silicon valley

I am not a runner, but I did go for a run earlier this week. I ended up very sore and unsure running is really a workout for me. Perhaps I should stick to cardio kickboxing, step, swimming, and spin class! This is a picture of the beautiful view of Silicon Valley from the Saratoga hills.

fringe fall booties cute

I bought these cute little booties for fall. I admire them every few days in my closet while waiting for fall weather. Since we don’t get cool weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area until late October, I might be gazing at them for awhile. You can find yourself a pair online here.

chloe faye handbag and kendra scott ring

In case you didn’t already know, I love Kendra Scott jewelry! I also love this little shoulder bag; the Chloe Faye. On this day earlier this month I paired my ring and bag with a black skirt, pink top, and black shoes. Almost a Pink Panther vibe, but thankfully the pink was pale enough to not make the theme song play in the background.

pacthwork skinny jeans denim for fall 2015

I’m getting patchy for fall! I jumped on the patchwork trend for the autumn season with these cute denim skinnies. I cannot wait to wear them! They are in my closet alongside those cute little fringe booties waiting for a cool, autumn day to be worn.

froyo summer fun

We have had quite a few days over 90 here in the San Francisco Bay Area. So, I have been indulging in froyo with my kids. When it comes to froyo, it’s all about the toppings. 😉 Ring online here.

work office outfit idea

Although this skirt happens to be a fall item, I have found myself wearing it non-stop! For full details on this outfit, click here.

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Are handbags really an investment?

Are expensive handbags a good investment

Handbags from top left: Chanel Boy Bag (risky, new asset-may or may not mature over time) / Chanel classic flap bag (blue chip handbag investment, should mature slowly over time) / Chanel 2.55 shoulder bag (blue chip handbag investment, should mature slowly over time) / Mansur Gavriel drawstring bag (current IT bag selling over list price in the secondary market, good for day trading and short term investing)

Have you ever looked at a premium, luxury handbag and wondered if it was worth the money? Have you heard your friends, or acquaintances, talk about what a great investment a recent handbag purchase had been? You are not alone.

With the IT bag trend around the globe encompassing handbags which cost north of $1000; sometimes way more, it is no wonder that handbags can be considered an investment. Let’s look at the Hermes Birkin as an example:

An Hermes Birkin is considered the ultimate IT bag. This beautiful tote is also considered by many handbag lovers to be the “Holy Grail” handbag. This means many handbag fans goal in life is to own an Hermes Birkin. Crazy you say? Perhaps, and perhaps not. . .

The Hermes Birkin will set you back around $20,000; or more. This is not a small amount of money. If you had $20,000 sitting in your checking account begging to be spent, how would you spend it?

$20,000 can be spent on many things. Let’s review how this sum could be used in a practical sense. You could buy growth and income stocks for your future retirement. You could remodel your master bathroom. You could install new hardwood floors in your home. These are all options which would result in increased savings or home equity; true investments.

What are some other ways you could spend $20,000? You could buy an inexpensive car. Of course cars depreciate in value, so you can say “bye-bye” to that $20,000. Or you could go on a shopping spree at your favorite store, such as Neiman Marcus, and spend it on seasonal, trendy, luxury goods. Two ways to watch that money fade away into a small memory.

Then there is the fun way to invest $20,000; an Hermes Birkin. Let’s talk for a minute about why it is considered an investment. The Hermes Birkin has IT bag status ten times over. It never fades out of style and can be worn both casually and for the office; and there’s more. . .

The Hermes Birkin offers superior quality over other handbags. It is handmade and sturdy; it can take a beating, and still look fabulous. So what makes it an investment money-wise?

There are very few specific handbags which increase in value over time. The Hermes Birkin has the most re-sale value of any IT bag. Not only does the Hermes Birkin hold it’s original purchase value, it increases over time as long as it is maintained properly; much like your home.

If you purchased an Hermes Birkin ten years ago for $10,000 and kept it in good condition, it could easily fetch you $15,000 or more right now. Of course, good stocks, and a home remodel, may fetch you more of an increase than a handbag; but at least it doesn’t depreciate in value like a car.

Of course, most people do not have $20,000 to invest in an Hermes Birkin; I know I don’t! So if you want to spend your money wisely when it comes to handbag shopping, there are other investment options.

Besides Hermes, Chanel is the next best thing to an investment purchase. Chanel’s iconic 2.55 shoulder bag, and classic flap bag, increase in value over time. They do not increase as much as Hermes, but they still go up in value. That my friends, is an investment.

Other designers to lean towards if you would like to watch your handbag hold its’ value, and increase in value over time, include Louis Vuitton and Celine.

Of course, just because a designer has a reputation of creating investment handbags, does not mean every bag will increase over time. As with any stock, bond, real estate, or investment in general, there is a risk involved.

The designer or brand could have some really bad press and suddenly loses it’s appeal. The quality could go down and the general public loses faith in the brand. Or, what had once been considered a classic handbag style for forty years, could suddenly become outdated. The horror!

So how do you find a fairly safe investment handbag when shopping? Well, stick to the basics. For Hermes, look for the Birkin or Kelly. The other styles do not hold their resale value as well. For Chanel, stick with the 2.55 or classic flap shoulder bag. The seasonal styles can become “so last year” in a heartbeat. The Boy Bag is still too new to assess.

When it comes to Louis Vuitton, stick to the classic, tried and true styles such as the Alma or Speedy. If the handbags are seasonal, or just appeared on the runway, they are not an investment.When it comes to Celine, look for solid colored bags; stay away from the color blocking. That is a trend.

Remember, part of the investment is wearing the handbag and getting a ton of use out of it. Do not buy handbags just to make your cash grow. If you want your cash to grow, buy some good stocks or real estate. If you want something to use often, and to prevent you from buying or needing other bags, then this is a sound investment in your future handbag style.

So now you have your investment bag and you have decided you need to cash it in. How do you turn handbags into cash? What do you do? Stay tuned as I discuss this next week!

Resale investment handbags around the web:

Chanel 2.55 shoulder bag:

Chanel classic flap shoulder bag:

Chanel Boy Bag:

Hermes Birkin:

Mansur Gavriel:

Capes for fall 2015

Jacket and coat alternative for fall 2015 by Bay Area Fashionista

From left: Pink cape / Black cape / Tan Ruana (I bought this for fall and love it! Under $100!!!) / Grey Wrap / Black Work Appropriate Cape

Fall is almost here, this means it is time to think about how to stay warm! Capes, wraps, shawls, and ruana’s are a few of fall 2015’s hottest ways to keep cozy instead of wearing a traditional jacket or coat. Love this trend!

With the 1970’s trend in full swing this autumn, capes, wraps, shawls, and ruana’s are the perfect way to achieve the ultimate 70’s silhouette while staying warm. Love that!

They are also fabulous when fall hands us in-between weather. Sometimes autumn days can be cold enough to wrap up, but not cold enough for a wool jacket or coat. Capes, shawls, wraps, and ruana’s are perfect for those days! They are also fabulous for when the fog rolls in 😉

I love wearing a cape, shawl, wrap, or ruana on a mild, fall day. They are the perfect way to keep warm when the weather hovers in the 50’s through low 70’s on autumn days. 

This fall, I am excited to wear my new ruana. This ruana is lightweight, yet cozy. It will be perfect to throw over jeans, casual skirts, and casual slim dresses this fall; especially when the fog rolls in!

A cape would be perfect this fall for dressier days. I am in love with this rain cape by Maxstudio, and also this classic black cape by Classiques Entier. I would also love to add this casual black cape by Topshop to my fall wardrobe. It is under $100!

I found a few fabulous capes, shawls, wraps, and ruana’s around the web and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, stay warm, and stay fabulous 😉

Fall midi skirt outfit

midi skirt outfit idea for fallsan francisco bay area fall style bloggerchloe faye small style blogger outfit ideafall outfit idea modest fashion stylesmall chloe faye fall outfit idea

Pictured: Sunglasses: Prada / Earrings: Kendra Scott / Lipstick: Chanel Amorosa / Top: Gap / Midi Skirt:  Halogen / Handbag: Chloe / Bracelets: Kendra Scott / Nail Polish: Chanel Chataigne / Shoes: Aquazurra

One of my favorite outfits on a warm summer, or early fall day, is a midi skirt with a comfortable, lightweight tee. It is perfect for getting out of jeans here in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We are a casual bunch here in NorCal. So, when someone is dressed up, they stick out like a sore thumb; not in a good way. By pairing a dressier midi skirt with a casual tee, I can create a combination which is both occasion appropriate, and reflects Bay Area style. Not only that, tee shirts are more comfortable than jeans! Win/win 😉

This midi skirt is a fall piece. Since our weather in the Bay Area doesn’t cool down until late October, sometimes early November, being able to pair a fall piece with a lightweight, comfortable piece, is the easiest way to look “fall-ish,” without feeling fall; if you catch my drift 😉

What is your favorite way to look fall, yet stay cool, when the temperatures still scream summer?

Chanel Le Top Coat review

chanel le top coat nail polish review

Pictured: Chanel Le Top Coat quick dry and shine. 

Chanel Le Top Coat is a fabulous top coat from Chanel which enhances the shine on top of nail polish, and helps nails dry quickly. Chanel Le Top Coat also helps nail polish last a long life, without chipping or cracking. Love it!

I am not sure why I have never latched on to a top coat until now. Perhaps it is because I enjoy changing my nail color every few days, and never felt the need to make my nail polish last. I have tried other top coats sporadically throughout the years, but none of them ever really worked. They seemed sticky, or even smeared my hard work! So, I became skeptical. 

A little over one month ago, we took a family trip to Disneyland. I knew we would be active during this trip and my nails might take a beating. Instead of traveling with a nail kit, I decided to try a top coat and see if it would keep my nails done for the full week; chip free.

I was excited when I first tried Chanel’s Le Top Coat. This top coat applied smooth and even. It did not streak my fresh nail polish at all. In fact, it increased the shine and made them beautiful. I instantly fell in love!

I have found that Chanel Le Top Coat helps my nails dry quickly, preventing them from denting or scratching before they are fully set. Chanel Le Top Coat also added shine to my nail polish which looked luxurious and fabulous. Love that!

Chanel Le Top Coat has also been working like a charm in the chip prevention department. My nail polish lasts for more than eight days. The only reason I need to re-polish my nails is because they have grown! Chanel Le Top Coat also keeps the nail polish from cracking and looking old. Love it!

I am addicted to Chanel Le Top Coat and cannot paint my nails without it. I am mortified that I have never tried it before now! What have I been thinking???

Chanel Le Top Coat received a five out of five star rating from me!

Chanel Le Top Coat can be found online here.

Late summer flare denim outfit

bay area style fashion blogger early fall casual outfit idea forty plus style fashion blogger outfit idea givenchy antigona bay area style fashion blogger outfit idea over forty style fashion blogger outfit ideas san francisco bay area silicon valley south bay style fashion bloggerlate summer casual outfit idea

Pictured: Earrings: Kendra Scott / Lipstick: Chanel Amorosa / Top: Lush / Bracelet: c/o Twisted Silver / Nail Polish: Chanel Vert Obscur / Flare Jeans: Citizens of Humanity (petite) / Handbag: Givenchy / Shoes: Prada (old, also love this pair)

Last week I met my fabulous friend Laura from Have-Need-Want for happy hour at Cin Cin in Los Gatos. I was coming off a stressful few days after my car was rear-ended, and it started to have mechanical problems after the body work was completed. Nothing makes problems seem small like a fun conversation, and the most amazing truffle fries on Earth! Yes, I said truffle fries. Can we say a-ma-zing!!!

I was excited to have an excuse to wear my new blouse from Lush which I purchased for fall, and a pair of flare jeans. The blouse is almost as long as a dress! The length makes the blouse really fun and versatile. So far, I have worn it with flare jeans, as in the photos above, but I also found a great way to wear it in colder weather.

When late fall, and early winter approaches, this blouse by Lush looks amazing with a wool scarf, worn over leggings or skinny jeans, with flare jeans (of course), and paired with cozy boots. Throw a coat on top and it is a casual-yet-put-together look. Love that! I might be addicted to this shirt 😉

I have to rave about these photos too. Laura did a great job! Make sure you check out her website at

Outfit details: