Molton Brown body wash review

Molton-Brown-Travel-Size-Shower-Gel-Set_MBG203_XLPictured: Molton Brown body wash travel set

Molton Brown’s collection of bath and shower gels offer beautiful scents infused into a luxurious gel which is moisturizing, and gets you squeaky clean. Love that!

I use Molton Brown’s bath and shower gel every morning when I take a shower. Every time I use up a bottle, I always find a new scent to buy for my replacement bottle. It is entirely possible I have used every scent Molton Brown produces!

Now that my kids are in elementary school, it has become easier to travel with them. This means I have had to keep a good stock of travel bath products on hand for weekend getaways by car, and air-travel. My go-to brand for travel toiletries has become Molton Brown. They have everything I need in travel sizes! My favorite travel kit is this one, it has my daily shampoo and conditioner from home, but in travel sizes! The kit also has two shower gel bottles which smell fantastic. It is the ideal travel kit!

Molton Brown’s travel kits are also ideal for gift giving. The kits come in either a beautiful gift box, or travel bag. This makes the gift presentation as fabulous as the products themselves. Love that!

As we head into warmer weather, why not try out a new, fresh scent for your shower from Molton Brown! Here are a few of my favorites from Molton Brown. Also, be sure to check out for the entire collection!

*Thank you to Molton Brown for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Mara Hoffman fall 2015 New York Fashion Week

DSC_0110 DSC_0111 DSC_0113 DSC_0115 DSC_0121 DSC_0126 DSC_0129 DSC_0143Photos: Cathy OBrien/Bay Area Fashionista 2015©

Mara Hoffman sent her fall / winter 2015 / 2016 collection down the New York Fashion Week runway on Saturday, February 14, 2015. The cool weather collection was a fresh take on Mara Hoffman’s classic style; offering a new color palette, and silhouettes with traditional Mara Hoffman prints and texture. Loved it!

Mara Hoffman showed soft neutrals, calm colors, and prints on her fall 2015 runway. A move away from bright colors and complicated prints, the collection offered the same travel inspired vibe we come to expect from Hoffman; with a fresh twist. Hemlines were long and fabrics were flowing. Texture was soft and noticeable; while maintaining an understated look. This collection was more street worthy than previous collections we have seen from Mara Hoffman’s.

Her overall past collections instantly take you away to an exotic location; making many of her clothing perfect for vacations, travel, beach days, and pool parties. For fall 2015, Mara Hoffman’s collection is still travel inspiring, but it can also be easily worn on the street; making it her most versatile collection yet! Love!

I was instantly drawn to her neutral prints and flowing fabrics. Her cozy knits evoke feelings of romantic walks on the beach during cool fall evenings or mornings; yet offer the option to walk off the beach and into a neighborhood eatery for dinner or brunch. 

To view Mara Hoffman’s entire fall 2015 runway show at New York Fashion Week, please watch the video below courtesy of IMG Fashion.


Winter into spring transitional outfit

nyfw street style outfitnyfw  street style handbag jewelrywinter into spring outfit 2015saint laurent handbag springPictured: Winter look at NYFW: Coat: Guess / Earrings: John Hardy / Lipstick: Chanel 94 Confident / Top: Banana Republic / Skirt: Milly / Handbag: Givenchy / Nail Polish: c/o Dolce & Gabbana Pearl Shimmer / Bracelets: c/o Kendra Scott cuff, tennis bracelet / Tights: Ann Taylor / Shoes: BCBG Runway

Spring look: Earrings: Bauble Bar / Lipstick: Chanel 93 Intime / Sunglasses: Prada / Top: Banana Republic / Necklace: Kendra Scott / Skirt: Milly / Bracelets: c/o Kendra Scott cuff, tennis bracelet / Nail Polish: Gucci Abyss / Handbag: Saint Laurent / Shoes: BCBG Runway

February and March are always confusing months for a wardrobe. One day it will be eighty degrees and perfect weather, the next next day it can drop down to sixty degrees and start to rain. Of course, since we have a drought in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are seeing more of those eighty degree, pool days rather than the cooler, rainy days. Oh how we wish for rain! But I digress. . .

Since the weather is transitioning from winter into spring, our wardrobe needs to be able to transition too. This is why I love skirts in thick fabrics which can easily be worn with tights on cool days, and bare legs on warmer days. This Milly skirt fits the transitional bill. It has a black band at the top, covered by my shirt-sorry about that, which allows it to be worn with black tights, and a black wool coat for cool days. On warmer days, the bright colors and the festive pattern work well for a spring look. Love that!

I wore this skirt at fashion week in early February when temperatures dropped below ten degrees. I have never been so cold in my life! Thankfully, this skirt is easy to layer and added a little bright color to the dreary days in New York. My friend Jenna snapped a few pictures of me inside the tents between shows because it was way too cold to take pictures outside. Plus, I wanted to have one last photo opp with the Mercedes Benz display. This was the last fashion week in New York they would be sponsoring so I needed a little souvenir. ;-)

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, and it is officially spring, I look forward to wearing this skirt with less layers; and eventually short sleeves as we head towards summer!

Skirts are my favorite transitional pieces from winter into spring, what is your favorite way to transition between seasons?

Swimsuits for spring 2015

swimwear for spring 2015

Pictured: green bikini / black one piece swimsuit / fringe bikini

Spring 2015 is here! This means it is time to ensure your beach bag, and your pool tote, are well-stocked with a fabulous swimsuit! Swimwear for spring 2015 is absolutely amazing! There are fringe options, cut-outs, and more! Spring 2015 swimwear is filled with anything but plain swimwear; so store that classic triangle bikini and tank one piece, spring 2015 is all about fringe, cut-outs, prints, and more!

The boho-chic trend, or 1970’s trend, has inspired designers to create swimwear which pushes the envelope of what we think a swimsuit should look like. Any type of embellishment we can think of makes for an ideal swimsuit this spring 2015 season. When shopping for swimwear, consider the current color palette for spring 2015 in shades of blue, pink, varying neutrals, and black. Also be sure to consider the embellishments. Swimwear this season F-U-N!

I found a few fabulous bikini’s and one-piece bathing suits around the web and assembled them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous ;-)

Gucci Metallic Sand nail polish review

gucci metallic sand

Pictured: Gucci Metallic Sand nail polish

Gucci Metallic Sand is a beautiful, rose gold nail polish hue from Gucci’s beauty collection. Metallic Sand by Gucci offers a neutral nail polish look with a twist. The color acts like a neutral beige or nude nail polish, but offers much more interest than a neutral beige or nude through its’ metallic nature. Love that!

Metallic Sand nail polish by Gucci offers a golden shimmer with rose undertones which gives it an overall warm tone. It plays well with both gold-tone and silver-tone jewelry. Of course, it looks amazing with rose-tone metals! This makes it an easy nail polish color to wear everyday. I can definitely see wearing this nail polish more as move into the summer months. It is light and clean, yet offers more of a unique color than a plain neutral. Lovin’ it!

Since the summer 2015 color palette offers a combination of mixed neutrals, bold pastels, and bright hues, Gucci Metallic Sand nail polish is an easy color to wear since it will blend well with all three color palettes. This is fabulous because we will not need to worry about our nails clashing with our clothing. 

I tested out Gucci Metallic Sand nail polish with two coats of color and one base coat. The nail polish lasted seven days before chipping! Perfection ;-) This is something I love about Gucci’s new nail polish collection. The nail polish is long lasting and offers a unique mix of colors which are fresh and new. What more could anyone ask of their nail polish?

Gucci Metallic Sand nail polish can be found online here and here.

Jay Godfrey fall 2015 New York Fashion Week

jay godfrey culottes jay godfrey fall 2015 nyfw jay godfrey fall 2015 jay godfrey floral dress nyfw jay godfrey floral suit jay godfrey fw15 jay godfrey presentation nyfw

Photos: Cathy OBrien/Bay Area Fashionista 2015©

Jay Godfrey presented his fall /winter 2015 / 2016 collection in the Pavilion at Lincoln Center on Saturday, February 14, 2015. The collection was sophisticated with a youthful, fresh vibe. Jay Godfrey used a combination of berry hues, black with gold, soft florals, plaid, and texture. The fabrications included sheer panels, sequins, fringe, charmeuse, and suede. There was a nod to the 1970’s with flares, culottes, a jumpsuit, and a tie neck blouse.

The pops of Marsala and orchid were a refreshing contrast to the somber colors other designers chose for fall. They offered an uplifting tone to the collection as a whole. I loved the floral prints, the color palette, and the texture. The gold and black plaid was a standout look while the floral dress was a star on the platform.

To learn more about Jay Godfrey, please visit or click here.

Spring style for men with Dockers

dockers for men outfitsdockers outfit idea

Pictured on Rob: Sunglasses: Oakley / Shirt: Brooks Brothers / Belt: Prada / Pants: c/o Docker’s / Shoes:  Salvatore Ferragamo

Spring is here, this means men are looking for comfortable pants they can wear to work, as well as on the weekends. Docker’s makes the most amazing men’s pants. I wish there were pants like this for women! Docker’s are made from high quality, cotton canvas which stands the test of time. The fabric is strong and can be washed over, and over, and over again without showing wear. Love that!

Here in Silicon Valley, our temperatures hover between 50 degrees in the winter, and low eighties in the summer. This moderate climate allows men to seek out a singular wardrobe. Docker’s are perfect for this temperature range since they are thick enough to keep legs warm in the cool weather, yet the natural fibers allow skin to breath in the summer heat; making them ideal to wear all year long.

Men in Silicon Valley tend to wear casual clothing to work. Northern California is not a part of the country filled with blazers, suits, and the like. Most industries, except finance, wear California Casual dress to work. This means you will see men wearing khaki’s and jeans to work on a daily basis. Although jeans are acceptable, they do not always look polished, and are not acceptable when giving a presentation, or meeting with clients. The best pants men can wear to work are cotton twill pants, but not any type of cotton twill pants, only the type of cotton twill pants Docker’s make!

Docker’s pants offer a structured style and the sleek fabric always look polished. On the flip side, they are as comfortable as a pair of jeans, so men do not need to sacrifice style for comfort. Love that! A pair of Docker’s can take a man from the board room, to a meeting with a VC, to a coffee shop meeting, and the out to dinner with his family. Docker’s = perfection.

My husband is a huge fan of Docker’s. His entire pants wardrobe is Docker’s. He has pairs which are so old, we cannot remember when we purchased them! You cannot tell they are several, if not ten, years old because they wash and wear so well. The quality is impeccable. When my husband wears Docker’s, he always looks polished, professional, and ready to take Silicon Valley by storm; and here in the Valley, it is all about confidence. If Docker’s give you confidence, then get ready for the next big IPO ;-)

For spring 2015, men will look amazing wearing Docker’s with golf shirt, polo shirt, and thin dress shirts. They will also be able to wear their Docker’s the weekend with short sleeve shirts, tee-shirts, and more! Docker’s can be found online at 

A few of Rob’s favorite Docker’s for spring; or any season!

Since we love Docker’s so much, we have partnered with Docker’s to give one pair of Docker’s pants to one lucky winner! You can win them yourself, or the lucky man in your life. Please use the Rafflecopter widget below to enter to win a fabulous pair of Docker’s khaki’s for spring 2015! Thank you for your support, and good luck!

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Easy spring dressing

tory burch dress spring tory burch dress tory burch spring 2015

Pictured: Sunglasses: Prada / Earrings: Bauble Bar / Lipstick: Chanel 94 Confident / Dress: Tory Burch / Handbag: Chloe / Nail Polish: Gucci Abyss / Ring: The 2 Bandits / Shoes: Prada (old, also love SAVE or SPLURGE)

I originally purchased this dress to wear in New York for fashion week. When it was time to pack, I realized this dress was way too thin for the freezing temperatures I would encounter back east. This led me to leave the dress hanging in my closet, and my suitcase to hold thicker garments.

Now that it is March, the weather here in the San Francisco Bay Area has been hovering in the 70’s, and even low 80’s! This means I can pull out all my favorite spring clothing; as well as this dress! The fabric is thin and cool; despite the long sleeves. This makes the dress ideal for meetings, church, or any gathering where you need to look polished. Love that!

I also love how the pattern breaks up the stripes, so they do not make me look wider. Always a good thing ;-) Do you have a favorite dress for spring which is fast becoming your go-to item? Please share in the comments below!

Win a $1000 shopping spree from Leon Max / Max Studio for spring!


I am thrilled to let you know that you can enter to win a $1000 shopping spree from Leon Max / Max Studio! I absolutely adore Leon Max and Max Studio. Both the Leon Max Collection and the Max Studio line offer investment dressing quality; so you know every article of Leon Max Collection and Max Studio clothing is well-made, fits perfectly, and will last a lifetime. Love that!

The Leon Max Collection offers high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail along with a feminine, jet-set sensibility; while the Maxstudio collection offers a sportswear line which is effortlessly feminine, and and offers a keen eye for detail. Together, the two collections create the ideal wardrobe. Perfection!

The Leon Max Collection is a brilliant fusion between tradition and modernity. The collection offers a mix of Hollywood glamour and a laid-back, sun drenched vibe along with a traditional British style filled with centuries of art history. It is the go-to brand for stylish celebrities such as Zooey Deschanel, January Jones, Sarah Jessica Parker and Olivia Wilde. Designer Leon Max takes cues from the crafts and techniques of his European heritage while utilizing cutting-edge materials and fashion technology. He creates everyday pieces which offer unique, chic twists. Love that!

Leon Max includes beading, embroidery, and original prints in his collection which add sparkle to subtlety on designs that effortlessly translate from the office to a night on the town. His collection is constantly evolving, and is designed across three studios in Los Angeles, London, and New York. Leon Max definitely keeps his fans on their toes; and their wardrobes complete with flirty tops, romantic dresses, pants, outerwear, footwear, and more. It is pure perfection!

The Max Studio collection is a sporty line which includes both office and weekend attire. The collection finds its roots in the English Countryside and Hollywood Hills. Max Studio is designed with a feminine sensibility, clean lines, and a keen eye for detail. Love that!

So, you are probably wondering, how do I enter to win this fabulous contest!? Well, look no further, here is how you can enter to win a $1000 shopping spree to Leon Max and Max Studio:

Here are the rules / details of contest:

1) Enter to win a $1000 gift card redeemable at Promotion runs Monday, March 16 through Friday, March 27. Valid email address required. Winner to be selected from all valid email addresses Wednesday, April 1

2) You must go to MAX STUDIO’s Facebook page or and enter a valid email address.  

3) Lastly, make sure you follow MAX STUDIO on Facebook and Twitter!

My favorite items from the spring/summer 2015 collection:

max studio spring 2015

Dress / Pants outfit / Casual skirt outfit

For more of Leon Max and Max Studio, spring/summer 2015, please visit

*This post has been brought to you by Leon Max/Max Studio. All thoughts and opinions are my own.