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I am so excited to be writing this! There is a fun, new way to interact with me and pick my brain for beauty, style, fashion, blogging, and work-life-balance information and advice! I have signed up to work with a hot new App named Twiirly. This fabulous fashion app is the perfect way to connect with me, as well as all your favorite bloggers, for a private one-on-one session. My sessions will be available during the week, as well as on the weekends. If you want to book a session with me, and don’t see an opening convenient for you, feel free to DM me through Instagram or send me an email. I am happy to open a session which is convenient for you!

On Twiirly, I will be available to help you with a variety of topics. Let’s chat about skin care, beauty products, styling for events or everyday life, ways to save money while shopping, saving up for a designer piece, blogging, starting a blogging business,  juggling homeschooling and blogging or work, juggling three kids and a blog, or anything you want to ask me!

Work-life-balance is huge as a Mother. As a mother of a daughter with special needs whom I homeschool, juggling my blog, my children’s schedules, volunteer work and more is a huge undertaking. I have learned so much from my experience, I am happy to share it with you and hopefully my information and advice will help you juggle your job, blog, family life, and more!

If you are wondering what makes me qualified to give out advice and information on beauty, fashion, style, work-life-balance, blogging, homeschooling, and starting a business, I will give you the run-down. I have a BA in English from the University of San Francisco followed by an MBA from Dominican University in San Rafael. I am born and bred Bay Area. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area has exposed me to hard working entrepreneurs; many of which are in my family history. My work history follows.

I started my career in retail, as many fashion fans do. I worked for The Limited Corp for seven years in both sales and management. This is where I learned about fashion and style. After The Limited, I worked for Ann Taylor for two years in management where I was responsible for visual merchandising at stores throughout the Bay Area. I created and executed the displays which invited shoppers to see how to style our clothing and accessories. I also worked as a personal shopper/stylist for local celebrities and politicians.

After retail, and earning my MBA, I did the Bay Area thing and worked in tech as a Recruiter, Sales Manager, and HR Manager. Eventually, I ended up at Sprint where I worked in the Human Resources Dept. When I had my first baby, I left the corporate world to raise my children. After having three kids, I was ready to go back to work! I went back as a VP of Sales for a small start-up, but it was too demanding of a job with three small children under the age of five at home. I decided it was time to start my own thing! I founded Bay Area Fashionista as a blog which I was planning to turn into a local fashion magazine. Well, the website got me into freelance fashion journalism where I reported on trends and runways; specifically handbags for print and online publications throughout the country. My blog grew, and I noticed the magazine business was not something to enter into at the moment, so I gave up my freelance work, and started to concentrate on growing Bay Area Fashionista as a personal blog: and voila! I am here today!

As for work-life-balance, I started to homeschool  my special needs daughter three years ago. She has ADHD, learning disabilities, and a 170+ IQ. This makes for a very special child who is not built for the regular school system. We homeschool through an online school where she interacts with a credentialed teacher and I administer or teach the majority of her school work to her. We turn in her schoolwork once a week for grading to her teacher. She is earning straight A’s and is ahead of her grade level in math. I am so proud of her! Juggling her schooling, having her home all the time, my blog, and my other two children’s schedules, is quite a challenge. I have learned a lot about making it all work. If you are trying to juggle children, work, and more, let’s chat about it on Twiirly!

There are a lot of fabulous bloggers on Twiirly, including a large number from the San Francisco Bay Area! Love! So be sure to download the app from the app store and Twiirly with me! I am excited to chat with you, and I know you will enjoy connecting with the other bloggers too. Twiirly on!

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Fall 2017 trends from New York Fashion Week

Romeo Hunte fall 2017 NYFW

The last model has walked off the catwalk in New York City, leaving the world with a new set of trends for the upcoming fall/winter 2017/2018 season. While many of the trends designers showed for fall are continuing from the fall 2016 season, several are new, or have been reinvented with a slightly political twist. Oh yes, the common theme for fall 2017 was a nod to the politically charged climate of right now. Designers translated this into the glum side of 1990s fashion when minimalism was king, and everyone wore all-black. Combine the glum 1990s with the current angry, divisive political climate, we have a theme for fall 2017 which I am dubbing the “Angry 1990s.”

Angry 1990s

nicholas k fall 2017 nyfw

Nicholas K fall 2017 NYFW

The 1990s are when I came into my own. I graduated from high school, then college, lived a little in my 20’s, then began applying to graduate school. Politically, Clinton was in office, and most liberal-minded people were happy about that. Conservatives were upset with the moral climate in the 1990s, but no-one held violent protests. Although people had jobs in the 1990s, it was not always the job one wanted. It was extremely difficult to find a well-paying job, until the dot-boom began it’s uptick in 1998. The result in fashion was simple minimalism and dark colors. It was not nearly as politically charged as what we are seeing today. I find it interesting that designers are comparing the two. Conservatives and liberals had some social issues to be upset about in the 1990s, but we didn’t see the venom we are seeing today. Without turning my happy fashion place into a political forum, the 1990s were a time of change, not upheaval. Right now, we have some upheaval. This was reflected on the runway, combined with 1990s minimalism, dark hues, and an all-black uniform.

Collections with all-black look as well as looks infused with political upheaval, were spotted on the fall 2017 runways of Nicholas K, Hakan Akkaya, Namilia, and Francesca Liberatore.


tadashi shoji fall 2017 nyfw

Tadashi Shoji fall 2017 NYFW

How could you miss it! If Green is the color of 2017, it was overshadowed completely by Red for fall 2017. Almost every designer had at least one red look on the runway for the upcoming cold weather season. Red was spotted on everything as both a solid color, and part of a print. This is the color to invest in right now, and to keep from last year. Look for red, red and more red for fall 2017. Love!

Designers who are seeing red for fall 2017 include Tadashi Shoji, Nicholas K, Dan Liu, Romeo Hunte, A Detacher, CG by Chris Gelinas, Custo Barcelona, Marcel Ostertag, and Vivienne Hu.

Bomber Jackets

RtA fall 2017 NYFW

RtA fall 2017 NYFW

This is a continuing trend from last year, and if you don’t already own one, now is the time to buy one. Bomber jackets have exploded louder than a bomb for the upcoming fall 2017 season. Designers are showing them with casual ensembles, as well pairing them with trousers, skirts, and over dresses. This is the jacket of the season, so make sure you have at least one in your closet!

There were several designers who love bomber jackets for fall, they include Custo Barcelona and Marcel Ostertag.

You can jump on this trend now, here are a few fabulous bomber jackets for spring which will make you look like you are already rocking fall 2017’s hottest trend in outerwear:

The bomber jackets shown above reflect current and fall trends. They can carry you from this season into fall. Love that!

Bold Faux Fur (of real if you wear real fur)

tadashi shoji fall 2017 nyfw

Tadashi Shoji fall 2017 NYFW

If sporty bomber jackets aren’t your thing, never fear, bold faux fur is here! If you thought bold and outrageous faux fur jackets were only meant for the streets outside fashion week, you were correct-until now. For fall 2017 we will see an influx of bold faux fur coats and jackets to covet. This is the ultimate way to stay warm for fall 2017 and winter 2018. You will feel like you are paparazzi-ready in a bold faux fur jacket paired with jeans, thrown over a dress, or worn with cropped trousers. Your bold faux fur coat or jacket should take you from weekend to evening. It is the ultimate wear-everywhere coat. You will rock it at the grocery store, you will rock it downtown, you will rock it at dinner, and you will rock at a cocktail party. It will be your signature piece. Invest in at least one for fall 2017, bold faux fur is everything.

Designers who rocked the bold fur trend include RtA, Romeo Hunte and Tadashi Shoji.


Custo Barcelona fall 2017 NYFW

Get ready to shine! Fall 2017 is lit up with shining, sparkling metallics! They are being shown as stand-alone fabrications, as well as accents to colorful pieces. Designers are showing metallics for daytime, athleisure, the office, and of course evening. This is a trend to invest in for fall, and to also have fun with. If the Angry 1990s have got you down, turn the other cheek and sparkle. This is the fun side of fall 2017 fashion!

Metallics popped up on so many fall 2017 runways including those of Michael Costello, Nicholas K, RtA, Hakan Akkaya, Yuna Yang, Custo Barcelona and Marcel Ostertag.


Hakan Akkaya fall 2017 NYFW

In the 1990s, the all-black look was king. It is returning for fall 2017 as the polar opposite way of dressing from the brightly put together textures and metallics for fall. If showing your style means blending in with the crowd, all-black is your trend. Now, the all-black look was often shown with the “Angry 1990s” look, but, this does not mean it was always shown as angry. Many designers showed all-black as a chic alternative to metallics, velvet, red, lace, and “look-at-me” styles. This is the yin to fall’s yang. If you are perfectly happy with the current political climate, you can still easily rock the all-black look. It is not a political statement, nor a nod to the red or blue side of the aisle. All-black is a classic, bi-partisan look which is hot for fall; it should be taken at face value.

The all-black look appeared on the runways of designers such as Vivienne Hu, Nicholas K, Hakan Akkaya, Taoray Wang and CG by Chris Gelinas.

francesca liberatore fall 2017 nyfw

Francesca Liberatore fall 2017 NYFW

While these six trends for fall 2017 stood out from the crowd, there are several continuing trends which are noteworthy for fall 2017. Look for the continuation of lace, velvet, dark purple, fall florals, large plaid, culottes, cropped pants, slimmer skirts, bell sleeves, ruffles, 1970s influence, brocade, embroidery, pale beige, all-white looks, green (of course!), light camel, pops of yellow, and pops of cobalt.

There you have it! Fall 2017 in a nutshell. What do you think? Do you have a favorite trend for the fall/winter 2017/2018 season?

A Detacher fall 2017 NYFW

Coach spring 2017 handbags are what dreams are made of

coach spring 2017 handbags

Coach spring 2017 handbags from top left: pink box bag / black embellished satchel / pewter duffel bag / embellished pink cross body bag / classic red satchel / white hobo bag / black tote bag / pink satchel

Have you seen the new Coach spring 2017 handbag collection? It is to-die-for! Coach has nailed it with their spring 2017 handbags. Every trend, or classic need, has been met in the collection. Pink trend? Check. Classic tote for spring or summer? Check. Red handbag trend? Check. Embellished bag trend? Check. Box bag trend? Check. Return of the hobo? Check, check, and oh yeah, check.

Embellished bags are the epitome of spring 2017 handbags. There is no trend greater than the embellished bag trend for spring. When I look at the Coach spring 2017 handbag collection, I see so many fabulous embellishments! There are heavily embellished bags such as this one. There are also subtle embellishments, such as on this bag. If you like bold, Coach has it, if you like understated, Coach has that too. How is a girl to choose?

My favorite bag from Coach’s spring 2017 handbag collection is this bag. It is perfect for wearing all season long. This bag will also fit into the upcoming fall 2017 trends. Love that!

For a trendy, of-the-season bag, I am eyeing this hot little number here. Isn’t it fabulous? I am in love! You can never go wrong with a Coach bag right? I have owned various bags by Coach since the early 1990s, and my love for the company has never waned.

Every Coach handbag I have owned has been such good quality. I love how they keep their prices moderate and reasonable; yet keep their quality high. A good value in handbags is hard to find these days! Coach is always a good value; plus they are so on top of the trends! Fashionable and practical = LOVE!

Have I mentioned the return of the hobo bag? Oh yes. It is slowly coming back into fashion. There were hobos and slouchy bags on the fall 2017 runways. This means investing in a hobo bag now, such as this fabulous one, is getting ahead of the curve. There is nothing like beating a trend, and being on the cutting edge of fashion.

While we saw box bags come into fashion last year, they are slowing coming to the top of the handbag trend scale. Box bags are being shown for both evening and daytime. They are a hot IT bag look right now. Coach has a beautiful one for spring right here. I love the embellishments on it. So pretty!

Mini bags and cross body bags are not going anywhere for the spring 2017 season. Coach has so many pretty ones in their spring collection! My favorite cross body bag from the Coach spring 2017 handbags collection is this one right here. Isn’t it fabulous!

I am in love with the Coach spring 2017 handbag collection. What do you think? Which bag or bags are your favorite?

You can see the entire spring 2017 collection by Coach online here. Happy shopping, and I can’t wait to hear what you pick from the collection for spring!

Coach spring 2017 handbags online: