Olay Regenerist Cream

olay regenerist cream

Pictured: Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream c/o BAZAAR

Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream is a wrinkle-reducing face cream which is affordable, and promises to reduce wrinkles starting on the first day of use. Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream penetrates quickly to reduce wrinkles by accelerating cell turnover. It also hydrates skin in order to regenerate volume and shape on the skins’ surface while reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream also promises to smooth and brighten skin while restoring elasticity through plumping hydration.

I tested out Olay’s Regenerist micro-sculpting cream for two weeks and my skin felt soft and moisturized. This is a great daily face cream for a girl on budget. The product offers a lot of bang for your buck!

Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting cream can be found online here.

*Brought to you by BAZAAR’s Style Ambassador program. All opinions are my own.

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival

DSC_0047 DSC_0050 DSC_0053 DSC_0055 DSC_0062 DSC_0068 DSC_0079 DSC_0086 DSC_0966 DSC_0967

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival, pictured from top: Farmer Mike and his famous pumpkin carvings. Each pumpkin takes roughly four hours to carve and lasts about 3-5 days. / Pumpkin Mac N’ Cheese. Yes, it was delicious! / Standing in front of the second through fifth place pumpkins from the weigh-in. Please excuse my fog-frizzed hair! We were not able to view the winning pumpkin, the line was way too long and my kids were not interested. / Street view / Pumpkin pie. Yummy! / Pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins! / Picking out a pumpkin.

What I wore: Earrings: Bauble Bar / Lipstick: c/o Dolce & Gabbana “Petal” / Necklace: Bauble Bar / Shirt: Express / Handbag: Mansur Gavriel / Ring: Bauble Bar / Nail Polish: Christian Louboutin Farida / Jeans: Gap / Boots: Rag and Bone

Over the weekend, we took the kids to the annual Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival. If you are not from the San Francisco Bay Area, the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival is a an annual event which includes a pumpkin contest for heaviest pumpkin and most beautiful pumpkin. There are pumpkin themed food booths, pumpkin carving, jumpy houses, bungee games, artists, art booths, a 5K race, and more! The festival draws people from all over the Bay Area and is a well-loved event.

I knew there would be a lot of walking at the festival, so I made sure I wore my comfortable Rag and Bone boots. They are like pillows with heels! Love that! All of my skinny and boyfriend jeans were in the laundry, so I reached for a pair of boot cut jeans I have not worn in ages. I told myself it was OK to wear them in public because flare jeans are an emerging trend. OK, not exactly the same thing, but I had to work with what I had clean!

The food at the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin festival was delicious. We started the day off with pumpkin pancakes and then bungee games. After the kids bungeed, they went on the jumpy houses (of course) and then we sat down and watched Farmer Mike work his magic on a pumpkin. He is such an incredible pumpkin carver/artist! My kids were mesmerized by his work.

Hopefully next year we will have room in our tummies to try the homemade pumpkin ice cream, pumpkin nachos, and other pumpkin themed food! Have you been to the Half Moon Bay Pumpkin Festival before? What did you think?

Gunmetal jewelry for fall 2014

gunmetal jewelry fall 2014

Pictured: Earrings / Bracelet / Cuff / Necklace

Gunmetal jewelry has been creeping into fashion over the past few seasons, and for fall 2014, designers and brands have put the darkened metal front and center. Gunmetal jewelry is being shown in every way imaginable from the main metal of a piece to an accent mixed with other metals and materials. 

For fall 2014, gunmetal jewelry offers an understated vibe which is less flashy than silver or gold. In addition to being quiet, gunmetal jewelry for fall 2014 can make a piece significantly edgier than the same piece offered in gold, rose gold or silver. Love that!

Gunmetal jewelry can easily be mixed with white metal jewelry to create a personal take on the trend. Gunmetal jewelry is also being shown paired with jet black jewelry in order to create a dark, cool weather look which is a little bit rock n’ roll.

It was only natural that jewelry would be offered in gunmetal options for the fall 2014 season. Over the past few years, designers such as Chanel, Dior, Hermes, and more have started to offer gunmetal and black hardware on their handbags. This darkened, understated handbag hardware has inspired a trend in jewelry which is just as popular for fall 2o14 as traditional gold and white metals.

As gunmetal jewelry gains momentum on the street, designers and brands from all price points are also showing handbags with gunmetal and black hardware. This signals a big uptick in the trend which is showing no sign of slowing down as we move into the spring 2015 season and beyond.

I love pairing gunmetal jewelry with black, grey and cool tones this autumn season. I feel like it adds a fresh take on my overall look. When a jewelry piece is gunmetal, it can be large and complicated yet still maintain a less “flashy” look.

What do you think of the gunmetal trend for the fall 2014 season? Are you wearing it? Is it something you would like to try?

Christian Louboutin Farida nail polish review

christian louboutin farida nail polish brown christian louboutin farida nail polish

Pictured: Christian Louboutin Farida nail polish 2014©

Christian Louboutin Farida is a beautiful, sparkling brown nail polish from the Christian Louboutin “Noirs” nail polish collection. Brown is a nail polish color I do not normally purchase, but, Farida by Christian Louboutin is a brown hue which seemed un-brown to me; if that makes any sense!

Brown, to me, is a neutral hue which is used to make other colors seem richer. As a nail polish, the thought of brown never really peaked my interest until I spotted Farida in Christian Louboutin’s nail polish collection. This fabulous brown hue sparkles; in such a way that is seems as though it is a color, not just a fall neutral. Love that! Christian Louboutin Farida seems jewel-like to me, and I love anything that sparkles or suggests bling!

I tested out Christian Louboutin Farida nail polish with two coats of color and one base coat; no top coat. The nail polish is extremely long lasting and lasted eight days without chipping! The only reason I took off the nail polish on day eight was due to the fact that my nails grew and I had a space between my cuticles and the paint; and that bothers me.

One of the things I love about Christian Louboutin nail polish is the fact that is it free from the five nasty chemicals found in many other nail polish brands. Knowing Christian Louboutin nail polish is safe and natural, makes it seem even more luxurious. My only complaint is the length of the stiletto-inspired brush. It is a little bit too long and unbalanced which makes it a little bit challenging to apply the nail polish. That being said, once Christian Louboutin’s nail polish is applied, it is long lasting and the color saturation is exquisite.

I am in love with Christian Louboutin Farida nail polish and look forward to wearing it throughout the fall season. You can find Christian Louboutin nail polish online here and here.

Box handbags for fall 2014

boxy box handbags

Pictured: Blue handbag / Trunk handbag / Black handbag / Yellow handbag

Box handbags are a new, up and coming trend this fall 2014 season. Designers in New York, Paris, Milan and London have introduced boxy handbag styles for the cool weather season; and are also showing box handbags for the upcoming spring 2015 season. Box handbags are being shown in many different styles including squares, rectangles and small trunks.

The box handbag is a structured, dressy handbag style which looks amazing with dressy outfits, office attire and evening wear; not including semi-formal or formal attire. This neat and tidy handbag style has also been spotted on the streets; making its’ way into the hands of attendees during fashion week, in all locales.

Box handbags have a retro flair to them which makes them look perfect with midi skirts, and fit and flare dresses. Box handbags also look appropriate with conservative office attire such as suiting, trousers, and pencil skirts. In addition to retro flair, the current trend in handbags is simplicity. With this current trend of minimalism in handbags, it is no wonder that box handbags are gaining popularity. They are simple and sleek!

I have been eyeing the box handbag trend for a few months now and cannot decide if I want to splurge on a square or rectangle box. I have had my eye on this one by Building Block. I love the simple shape and sleek leather. 

The rectangles tend to have more space inside of them since they seem to be falling into the medium size handbag category. The square box handbags designers have been showing for fall 2014 and spring 2015 tend to fall into the small handbag category; although, a few are being shown in larger, medium sizes.

Box handbags are a chic and modern alternative to the satchel this season, and are the current “IT” silhouette for a cross-body bag. When shopping for a box handbag this season, look for a convertible style which can be a satchel or cross body bag. Two for one; love that!

What do you think of the box handbag trend? I found a few amazing box handbags around the web and placed them into the shopping widget below. I hope you love them! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous ;-)

Coach shoes fall 2014 sale on now

coach shoes fall 2014 sale

Pictured: Black bootie / Silver flats / Slip on sneakers / Beige booties

Coach is having a sale on their fall 2014 shoes! Can you believe it?! Not only are they on sale, the prices are amazing! Coach has beautiful booties, flats, sneakers, slip-on sneakers and high heels on sale from their fall 2014 shoe collection. These fabulous shoes are on trend for fall and winter; plus they are current classics which will carry you into resort and spring 2015. Love that!

I bought my first pair of Coach shoes in the 1990′s. They were incredibly well-made for the price. I still remember the strong craftsmanship and soft Coach leather; as well as how comfortable the shoes were on my feet. Back then, I worked in retail management and stood on my feet 40+ hours per week. I remember how my Coach shoes and boots stood up well to the all-day standing and walking which went with the job. My feet never hurt; and the shoes lasted a long time without falling apart. When you work in retail, you learn quickly which brands of shoes are high quality and which ones are not; I learned quickly that Coach shoes are high quality and priced well!

I absolutely adore the booties on sale in Coach’s fall 2014 collection. They offer an open toe and stacked heel; perfectly on trend for the fall 2014 season. I also love the slip-on sneakers which are on sale. They are perfect for daily wear and offer just a little edge with studs. I have my eyes on the flats. Coach has a beautiful collection of classic flats which are on sale from their fall 2014 line. I love the silver, which will carry through fall, winter, resort and spring!

There is also a large selection of fashionable sneakers on sale from Coach. These are great for casual days when you want to keep your running shoes in your gym bag. ;-) Which shoes from the Coach shoe sale are catching your eye?

To view the entire fall 2014 Coach shoe sale, please click here.

Here are my picks from the fall 2014 Coach shoe sale:

Choix beauty box

choix boxDSC_0938DSC_0939DSC_0940choix box 1DSC_0945DSC_0947

Pictured: c/o Choix

Have you ever wanted to try out make-up on your face and not worry about how many people tried it before you at the store? I have. Nothing is more disgusting than using the samples at the store which are slightly smashed and look like ten thousand people touched them. No thank you!

Choix is an amazing concept. With Choix, you get try out your very own samples of beauty products at home; without other people’s germs! Love that! The samples arrive in a cute little box and are labeled so you know which product is which. You can test out the samples on your face, and use them more than once; until they run out! This is the perfect way to try before you buy. Not only can you test out how a color will look on you, you can see how long lasting the product is and how it reacts on your skin. How fabulous is that!!!

Here is how Choix works: for as low as $15 per month, you receive a sample box and store credit towards the purchase of a full size beauty product. You can select samples from fabulous luxury beauty brands such as Chanel, YSL and more! When you receive your monthly box in the mail, you can test out the products on your face; no germs! Then, you can order full-size products if you loved one or more of the samples you received. You will have a store credit from your subscription which can go towards the cost of the full size product. Love that!

I am a huge fan of Chanel and YSL. My Choix beauty box also contained eye shadow by Bobbi Brown and Dior. I had never tried Dior or Bobbi Brown before, so this was a treat to be able to test out new brands! I loved how the Dior eye shadow stayed on; it was very long lasting! Bobbi Brown was nice too. The color was natural and perfect for daily wear. I may very well need to buy a full size of all three eye shadows in my Choix beauty box!

One more cool fact about Choix, they are based right here in San Francisco! Three cheers for a tech start-up which is revolutionizing the beauty industry!

To learn more about Choix, and to sign up for your very own beauty box, please visit SoChoix.com

Classic designer shoes

classic designer shoes

From top: Valentino RockStuds / Chloe Flats / Jimmy Choo Boots / Christian Louboutin Pigalle Pumps

When it comes to designer shoes, there are a few recent classic styles which every Fashionista believes should be inside of her closet. These classic shoes may not have been around ten, or twenty years ago, but they have found recent fame and turned into timeless shoes; which are proving they can survive season after season.

Valentino Rockstuds enjoyed a high point in 2013 when almost every fashionable lady on the street had a pair on her feet. Now, the Valentino RockStud has become a classic shoe despite the downturn in the studded trend in 2014. What has made Valentino Rockstuds one of the most coveted high heels on the market is that they have a classic, pointed toe pump silhouette with just the right amount of edgy studs. The style is coupled with the fact that Valentino RockStuds are extremely comfortable! Comfort combined with style has equated to a popular and highly sought-after shoe which almost every woman wants in her shoe closet. The most popular colors of Valentino’s RockStuds are the black and nude hues.

Chloe flats have been a popular go-to flat for several years. The scalloped edges have raised the bar on the classic ballet flat. To top it off, Chloe uses some of the softest leather known to mankind which creates a comfortable and beautiful shoe. Although neutral hues and black are the most popular colors for Chloe flats, seasonal colors and texture variations are also highly sought-after.

Motorcycle boots have been popular for many season now, but one of the stand-out pairs has been designed by Jimmy Choo. These comfortable and edgy-yet-sophisticated moto boots are popular in classic black; but seasonal color such as navy suede are also highly coveted.

Christian Louboutin’s Pigalle Pump is arguably the most sought-after pair of shoes on the planet. These classic, pointed toe high heels are coveted in classic black and nude; season after season. 

When it comes to classic, designer shoes, I feel like the high price is worth every penny. If a shoe is considered timeless, it can be worn season after season, year after year; which means always having the perfect pair of black flats or nude pumps in the closet. Instead of purchasing new pumps or flats every season, an investment pair of classic designer shoes can be re-worn every season; ultimately saving money in the long run. Love that!

I have the Chloe flats on my wish list as my next shoe investment purchase. What do you think of these four classic designer shoes? Do you have a pair on your wish list?

Ever Ivy Audrey dress

DSC_0914 DSC_0918 DSC_0919 DSC_0927

Pictured: Earrings: BaubleBar / Lipstick: c/o Dolce & Gabbana Orchid / Dress: c/o Ever Ivy (similar) / Handbag: Chanel (similar SAVE or SPLURGE) / Bracelet: Tory Burch / Nail Polish: c/o Dolce & Gabbana Verde Bosco / Ring: The 2 Bandits / Shoes: Prada

Ever Ivy is a fabulous brand designed by San Francisco Bay Area designer Liliana Ventura and made right here in California. I love how the pieces take inspiration from our culturally diverse and politically complicated landscape. The day-into-evening collection features neutrals and prints made from soft fabrics; which are not only nice to the touch, but incredibly comfortable!

I absolutely love the Audrey Dress by Ever Ivy worn in the photos above. There is a “1960′s meets modern day vibe” to the dress which makes it easy to wear with current accessories. This dress is perfect for a date night with my husband, or a girls night out! When the weather cools down as we move towards winter, the Audrey Dress by Ever Ivy will look amazing paired with tights and lug soled high heels. I’m looking forward to wearing it in different ways according to the occasion and weather!

To learn more about Ever Ivy, and view the entire collection, please visit EverIvy.com.

Building Block handbags

building block handbag

Pictured: Handbag / Tassel

Building Block handbags are made in a multi-medium design studio in Los Angeles, California. The handbag collection includes minimalist designs which are often geometric; as well as tassels which can be added to any of Building Block’s handbags. Some of the handbags include wood block details and rubber straps; which adds a little bit of a personal touch to each piece.

I have become tired of recognizable handbags and logos. I feel like I can identify almost everyone’s handbag I pass on the street. There is usually a large logo or logo pattern strewn across the bag. If there is not a readable logo, a handbag will have a distinctive design which is easily spotted. Although I confess to owning many recognizable handbags which also happen to have readable logos on them, I have become bored of handbags which are easily recognizable. 

I love the concept of minimalism and a handbag which offers high quality and clean lines. I love seeing a fabulous design which is well made; sans the logo. Cue in Building Block handbags. Although I have not purchased one yet, I am planning on purchasing the box handbag featured in the above photo. I love the boxy design, which happens to be an up and coming trend for fall 2014 and into 2015. Aside from the silhouette being fashion-forward, I love the high quality design and absence of a strong logo.

One of the beautiful things about carrying a handbag which is not easy to recognize, is that it starts conversations. It is always fun to have someone ask who made your handbag or shoes, etc. It starts a conversation and creates human interaction which is sometimes lacking in this day and age, where people tend to hide on their smart phones, appearing to be busy; which many times they are just hiding, they are not really busy!

In addition to the boxy handbag I am currently saving up to purchase, I also have my eye on Building Block’s Cylinder Sling and Cylinder Duffle. What do you think of the collection?