Laura Mercier Stickgloss Rouge a Levres gloss review

laura mercier stickgloss a rouge black orchid review laura mercier gloss black orchid review

Pictured: Laura Mercier Stickgloss Rouge a Levres gloss in Black Orchid / ring / turtleneck / nail polish (first photo) / nail polish (second photo) / earrings

If you have been following along, you may already know I am a sucker for sheer lipsticks. I am not a huge fan of thick, cream lipsticks, or sticky lipglosses. When I noticed Laura Mercier Stickgloss Rouge a Levres, I was intrigued! The packaging labeled it as a “gloss,” yet it appeared to be a lipstick. Hmmmm. . . this looked like a fun investigation!

Since spring lipstick is either golden, beige, or vampy, I decided to try out Black Orchid in Laura Mercier’s Stickgloss Rouge a Levres. Why not go vampy when trying out a gloss? Black Orchid is vampy indeed! It is a dark purple color which is edgy yet seasonally appropriate. Love that!

I was not quite sure what to expect in a stickgloss. Would it be sticky like a lipgloss, or would it be smooth like a sheer lipstick? When I applied my new Laura Mercier Stickgloss Rouge a Levres in Black Orchid, I was pleasantly pleased! It applies just like a sheer lipstick. Three cheers for no stickiness! Whoo-hoo!

The composition of sheer lipstick is lightweight and natural; which is exactly what this lipstick feels like. There isn’t anything sticky, slimy, or annoying about it. Love that!

The part of Laura Mercier’s Stickgloss which is glossy, is how it looks. There is more color, or pigment, then with a sheer lipstick. In fact, the color also has some shine; which is what gives off that glossy effect. It really is perfection in a tube.

I love how Black Orchid looks. It gives off that perfectly on-trend, dark, vampy lipstick look without being too dark and costumy. After all, I am a Mother of three, I cannot walk around in stage makeup. Can you imagine? Yikes!

Laura Mercier’s Stickgloss Rouge a Levres is a new favorite of mine. I am looking forward to trying out new colors as the seasons progress. You can find it in many color choices online here.

Essie No More Film nail polish review

essie no more film nail polish review

nail polish c/o Essie No More Film (bottle from the holiday mini gift set, regular size bottle is part of the regular collection and linked to in this post)

One of the four colors from Essie’s holiday gift set was “No More Film.” This beautiful, dark purple hue also happens to be part of Essie’s regular nail polish collection. I am so thrilled to have a bottle of it; this color is divine!

While No More Film by Essie was a fabulous holiday hue, it really is perfect for winter, and the upcoming spring season. This spring, nail polish hues will range from feminine pinks to vampy charcoals and purples. Essie No More Film nail polish is perfect to wear now, in the winter season, and also as a transition nail polish into spring. Love!

I tested out Essie No More Film nail polish with one base coat, two coats of color, and no top coat. The polish lasted eight days before my nail growth was too much to handle. This polish did not chip! Nail polish that does not chip, when in a dark color, is a life saver. Nothing irks me more than dark nail polish which is chipped. Essie No More Film will be my go-to dark polish for the rest of winter, and in early spring. I am in love!

When my little mini bottle runs out, I plan to pick up a full size bottle. No More Film by Essie is a beautiful purple hue. Obsessed!

You can find Essie No More Film nail polish, in a regular size bottle, online here.