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Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude cushion stick radiant makeup foundation review

Foundation c/o Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude cushion stick radiant makeup (outfit details here)

Estee Lauder has a new foundation! It is SO FABULOUS! One of the things that drives me crazy about foundation is how it is packaged. I don’t like having to pour out, or dip into, a small little bottle. The foundation always seems to go bad before I finish the bottle, so it always seems like a waste.

The new Double Wear Nude cushion stick radiant makeup foundation is perfect for someone like me, who finds bottles annoying. I was thrilled when Estee Lauder sent me a sample to test out! It was a like a dream come true!

For Estee Lauder’s new foundation, the packaging is a wide tube, with a small sponge attached to the tip. In the center of the tip, the foundation comes out in a small amount; allowing you to use the sponge to apply the foundation to your face. This is SO EASY!!! No more messy brushes or fingers. Love that!

This is a great design for travel, a gym bag, or anytime you need to apply foundation on the go. I am hooked! My color, which is “Pure Beige,” will be heading to New York with me for fashion week in February. Love!

If you were wondering about the sponge, it is detachable. The sponge comes off so that is can easily be cleaned, and then re-attached. When I apply Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Nude on my face, I make a few dots around my face by tapping the sponge applicator, and then I use the sponge to even it all out. Works like a charm!

In addition to fabulous packaging, the foundation itself is amazing. The Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude foundation applies evenly, thinly, and smooth. It leaves a flawless look on my face which is fabulous. I have some acne scarring, and sun damage on my face, so this foundation does the trick at covering all that junk up! My favorite part is that it does not cause any breakouts; I am prone to them so this is a key point!

I love this foundation! If you are looking for a weightless, non-acne-causing foundation, in an easy-to-use tube, which is also travel friendly, then this is for you! You can find the Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude foundation online here.

*Thank you Estee Lauder for partnering on this post.

Estee Lauder Chrome Violet nail polish review

DSC1211 DSC1215

Top: Estee Lauder “Chrome Violet” in direct sunlight.
Estee Lauder “Chrome Violet” nail polish inside with natural light.
Both photos: one 
base coat, one coat of color.

I am drawn to any shade of purple, as well as metallics; especially when it comes to nail polish. When I saw “Chrome Violet” nail polish from Estee Lauder I had to give it try.

In the bottle, “Chrome Violet” by Estee Lauder looks like a pewter hue. Not the case when applied! Estee Lauder’s “Chrome Violet” offers a distinct violet hue with pewter undertones which offers a cool tone and an easy color to wear for fall 2013. Love that!

Fall 2013 is all about shades of wine, purple, navy, red, cobalt and neutrals. “Chrome Violet” by Estee Lauder plays well with all of these colors; regardless of their cold or warm undertones. Although “Chrome Violet” looks amazing with silver and pewter colored metals, it does not clash with yellow gold and blends easily with gold-tone jewelry. Perfect!

Estee Lauder’s “Chrome Violet” nail polish applies quickly and very thick. I found I needed to polish each finger quickly or the polish would begin to dry and clump if I ran the brush back over the paint. This was a bit of challenge which resulted in four fingers needing to be redone; it was worth the hassle. “Chrome Violet” nail polish by Estee Lauder only needed one coat of color. The end result is a slightly matte, metallic violet hue which is extremely chip resistant. Love!

I was able to wear “Chrome Violet” nail polish by Estee Lauder for six days before my nails showed growth at the bottom and needed to be repolished. They did not chip at the tips despite some heavy housework!

Estee Lauder nail polish is $20 and can be found online here.