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Mansur Gavriel Sun tote review

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Pictured: Mansur Gavriel Sun tote in pink patent leather / iPhone 7 case / Lipstick / similar wallet / cat eyes beauty case / Chanel sunglasses

Leave it to Mansur Gavriel to design a simple, chic, and perfect handbag for the fall season! The new Mansur Gavriel Sun tote, or Sun bag, has been introduced for the fall 2016 season, and will be part of the iconic handbag designing team’s ongoing, classic collection. Love it!

The Sun handbag by Mansur Gavriel is offered in four sizes; mini mini, mini, Sun, and large. The Mansur Gavriel Sun tote I am reviewing, is the regular or “Sun” size in pink patent leather. I have not seen the Sun bag on the street yet; neither here in the San Francisco Bay Area, or in New York during fashion week, so the most popular size is still to be determined.

Although Mansur Gavriel’s Sun bag has not been a sell-out in under a hot minute, as the bucket bag was in its’ hey-day, this sweet little tote bag is proving to be a coveted handbag for the fall season and beyond. The Mansur Gavriel Sun tote is gaining traction on social media, and it is becoming a highly searched bag on the Internet. This handbag will gain IT status as we enter the new year, and the spring 2017 season; just watch it! That being said . . ¬†if you love this feminine, sweet little tote, I highly recommend snapping one up now, before they become hard to find.

Mansur Gavriel’s Sun tote is a feminine contrast to the current crop of handbags which are popular on the streets right now. The Pierce bag is edgy yet chic, Chloe’s line of bags are boho and carefree, while Gucci is going for a street-meets-upper-east-side vibe. The Sun tote by Mansur Gavriel is not trying to fit into any “trend” mold, it is standing alone as a simple, easy to wear tote bag which is lightweight and comfortable. Isn’t that why we love Mansur Gavriel? They take the gimmicks out of handbags and offer simple, functional bags which are beautiful and easy to wear. Love that!

I originally pre-ordered my Sun bag by Mansur Gavriel back in February when Moda Operandi featured a trunk show of the designing duo’s fall 2016 collection. When the bag arrived a month earlier than I expected in early October, I was thrilled! The “Sun” size is a traditional medium handbag, and the bag’s simple construction, and sweet bow, have made it an instant favorite. I love the open top as well as the wide interior pocket which fits my iPhone 7, lipstick, and keys. There is also a detachable shoulder strap which adds to the versatility of the bag. Perfection!

This has become my go-to bag on the weekends when I need a little bit more in my handbag than I get from a shoulder bag. The extra space is perfect for carrying odds and ends my kids hand me, as well as for storing snacks to keep my kids from getting “hangry.” The patent leather is nice this time of year since it resists the occasional drizzle and rain we receive here in the Bay Area. It is also easy to keep clean if my kids touch it with dirty hands. The patent leather simply wipes clean. Love that!

The Mansur Gavriel Sun bag is a beautiful handbag which is easy to wear daily, and fits into a busy girl’s life. Since I love this bag so much, I am now eyeing one of the smaller sizes in cobalt blue. It would be fun to have a smaller bag for days when I don’t need so much room.

You can find the Mansur Gavriel Sun tote in stock for now, online here, here, and here.

Happy handbag shopping! Stay fabulous ūüėČ

Mansur Gavriel Sun tote in stock

pink patent mansur gavriel sun bag

JW Anderson Pierce bag review

jw anderson pierce bag it bag 2017

jw anderson pierce bag inside jw anderson pierce bag capacityjwanderson pierce interiorjw anderson pierce bag

Pictured: JW Anderson Pierce bag in Tangerine

Every year a new IT bag emerges from the runways. For 2016, the ultimate IT bag has emerged from the fall 2016 runways in London by Irish designer J.W. Anderson. When JW Anderson sent the Pierce bag down his London catwalk, handbag lovers everywhere were left breathless. This was it, the new IT bag.

For the past several seasons, Chloe has enjoyed IT bag status with the Drew, followed by the Faye, and then the Hudson. While fashionable heads still love all the handbags from the iconic Parisian design house, heads have turned towards the cool leanings of Northern Ireland. The J.W. Anderson Pierce bag is the handbag to own right now, and well into 2017. Love it!

Jonathon Anderson’s Pierce bag embodies everything women look for in an IT bag. It has high quality craftsmanship, it has an unique design, it offers an easy access flap closure which makes the bag practical for everyday wear, and it has a design element which is familiar, yet new and exciting; this is the most difficult element on a handbag.

This element happens to be the “Pierce” which looks like a typical piercing ring found on bellybuttons everywhere, yet it is large and bracelet-like, which is what makes this saddle bag unique, exciting, elegantly edgy, and just different enough to make everyone covet it.

I knew the J.W. Anderson Pierce bag was the new up-and-coming IT bag, but until I was in New York for fashion week, I had not witnessed this handbag in action. It draped beautifully on the arms of those lucky enough to carry one to fashion week. It glittered, glowed, and called my name. The Pierce bag added elegance and edge at the same time to anyone’s outfit who carried one. It looked like ultimate perfection wrapped into one beautiful handbag. I had to have one.

The Pierce bag by JW Anderson comes in a variety of colors for the fall 216 season. There is a beautiful cobalt blue, green, navy, burgundy, red,¬†medium brown, classic black, chic grey, and the Tangerine hue I ultimately chose. The most popular color I noticed on the streets of New York Fashion Week was the black and white, color blocked version of the J.W. Anderson Pierce bag. It seemed to be everyone’s favorite.

Out of all the classic colors, I decided to go with a color I don’t normally wear; the Tangerine. I’m not really sure what drew me to this color. Perhaps it was the uniqueness of an orange which I find palatable. Or maybe I felt like it was the edgiest color of the lot, and the piercing detail got me in a rebellious mood. Whatever drew me to Tangerine, was fabulous! I have fallen in love with this color. While I don’t often wear shades of orange, it has become a fun compliment color to my fall wardrobe. I am looking forward to wearing it all the time this season!

Now onto the review!

The Pierce bag comes in three sizes; small, medium, and large. I chose the medium size because it seemed to have nice dimensions for everyday life. The interior of the Pierce bag is open and roomy. There is one large, interior slip pocket which is great for holding lipstick, keys and my phone. The main compartment of the bag fits my other purse essentials nicely. Love it!

The strap has three notches and can easily be adjusted if you would like to shorten, or lengthen, the length of the shoulder strap. I have mine set in the middle, which is how it arrived from the store. I like where the length is set, so I have kept it there without adjusting it.

Craftsmanship is a huge factor for me when purchasing a designer handbag. When you spend four figures on a bag, you want it to be well made; and investment worthy. The JW Anderson Pierce bag is extremely sturdy, and well made. The stitching is precise, all of the edges are even, and the hardware is placed perfectly, and secured.

The interior of the Pierce bag is a soft suede, and the exterior of my Pierce bag is a soft, pebbled leather which is scratch resistant, and durable enough for everyday use. This is a workhouse shoulder bag. I love it!

J.W. Anderson’s Pierce bag is chic enough to be worn with dressy attire, yet edgy enough to wear with jeans, and casual ensembles. The small version is great to use an evening bag for any type of outfit except gala or formal. This is a versatile bag you will find pairs well with almost any outfit, for almost any occasion. This is a key factor for an¬†investment bag; can we say, lower cost per use? Yes please!

Since I have been so happy with my medium J.W. Anderson Pierce bag in Tangerine, I am starting to think I need to add the small version to my handbag wardrobe. I am eyeing the cobalt blue bag, which is to-die-for! I am also eyeing this version in white.

You can find J.W. Anderson’s Pierce bag online here, here, and here. More versions of the Pierce bag by JW Anderson below in the shopping widget. I hope you love the J.W. Anderson Pierce bag as much as I do!

J.W. Anderson Pierce bag size small:

J.W. Anderson Pierce bag size medium:

J.W. Anderson Pierce bag size large:

Chloe Kurtis shoulder bag review

chloe kurtis handbag review chloe kurtis fall 2016 chloe kurtis handbag blogger chloe kurtis interior chloe kurtischloe kurtis dark purple

Pictured: Chloe Kurtis in Dark Purple / lipstick / ring

The Chloe Kurtis is a casual new handbag from iconic, Parisian design house Chloe. I noticed this beautiful, casual handbag on Chloe’s runway for fall 2016. I instantly fell in love with it! The Chloe Kurtis has it all; casual styling, a boho vibe, and roomy compartments. Love!

Chloe is showing the Kurtis in two sizes for the fall season; small and medium. I chose the medium size because I like to have a little extra room for incidentals; I never know what my kids will ask me to hold! The two main compartments are the same size, although the way you enter them is very different.

The outside compartment is secured under a magnetic lock closure flap. This gives the bag a saddle bag look and feel. The compartment on the opposite side, is secured by a zipper, and is a little tighter to put things into than the saddle bag flap closure. Despite the tighter zipper opening, the interior space is the same size as the flap closure compartment, so the same objects can be placed, and fit into, either compartment.

The Chloe Kurtis has a casual look to it. There are several brass circles lining the underneath of the bag which act as protective feet when placing the bag down on a counter. Since the leather on the Kurtis is extremely soft and slouchy, it does slouch down when placed on a counter, negating the brass circles which seem to be there more for looks rather than function.

I love wearing my Chloe Kurtis with printed pants, jeans, and casual maxi dresses. It is easy to use, and the strap is long enough to be worn cross body. Love that!

My Chloe Kurtis is definitely my go-to casual bag of the season. I cannot wait to wear it all the time now that we are heading into the autumn season. This color is “fall” and perfect to wear with this season’s berry hues. I also love how this color looks with navy, caramel, and golden metallic hues.

The saddle bag styling of the Chloe Kurtis shoulder bag also evokes a 1970s vibe, making the bag perfect for wearing with all of this season’s vintage inspired styles. Love that!

You can find the Chloe Kurtis online here, and here.

Chloe Kurtis from American retailers:

Chloe Kurtis in the UK: