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Perricone MD Multi-Action Overnight Treatment review

perricone md overnight cream

Night cream c/o Perricone MD Multi-Action Overnight Treatment

Perricone MD is a line of beauty products specially formulated for creating healthy looking skin, and to combat the aging process. Since I don’t believe in plastic surgery or injections, a good anti-aging product is something I am always looking for.

The best time of day to repair facial skin, is nighttime! This is when your face is cozy in bed and not being exposed to the environment outside which always offers up UV rays, pollution, wind, and more! Using a fabulous night cream during this skin protecting time is a must.

The Multi-Action Overnight Treatment by Perricone MD is free of parabens, sulfates and phthalates. This means it is made from ingredients which are not harmful to your body. Love that!

The Perricone MD Multi-Action Overnight Treatment promised to deeply hydrate skin, firm, tone and tighten sin, and also visibly minimize wrinkles. These are three things my skin needs. I suffer from fine lines and dry skin. I also have a problem with acne breakouts, so I look for products which do not cause breakouts. This product does not mention anything about not causing breakouts, so for me, it was a test!

I have been using the Perricone MD Multi-Action Overnight Treatment every night for the last month. In the morning, I felt like my skin was firm and toned, which resulted in minimizing my fine lines. My dry skin patches were moisturized and I never suffered a bad breakout during the test period. These are the results I wanted to have. Love!

One interesting tip from Perricone MD, which will come in handy next month when I travel to New York for fashion week, is this air travel tip. According to Perricone MD, you can wear the Multi-Action Overnight Treatment as a sleep mask while flying. This will help your skin to look refreshed and radiant when you arrive at your destination. This sounds like it would be a dream come true because I always arrive at my destination with dry skin, and unhappy eyes from flying. I will give this tip a whirl in February!

You can find Perricone MD Multi-Action Overnight Treatment online here, and online here.

Clinique Acne Solutions plus line correcting serum review

adult acne treatment

Pictured: c/o Clinique Acne Solutions plus line correcting serum

It is as if Clinique has answered my prayers! Clinique’s Acne Solutions plus line correcting serum is the product I have been waiting for all my life. You have no idea how thankful I was when Clinique first told me about it!

Since my undergrad years at USF, I have suffered from acne. I thought as I aged, my acne would go away. Instead, my acne has been joined by fine lines which I know will someday turn into wrinkles. My assumption is that the acne will remain too. Ugh! The horror! But I digress. . .

The Clinique Acne Treatment plus fine lines serum is exactly the treatment I need to treat both my adult acne, and my fine lines. It has been difficult over the years trying to find an acne product I can combine with a product which teats fine lines. Usually these types of products are counter-productive. Let’s face it, acne treatments usually try to dry out the oils and clean up the pores which cause acne. Fine line treatments try to add moisture to the skin to restore youth. These two things don’t play well together!

Instead of trying to combine products, and ending up without any results, Clinique has found a way to treat both problems with one product; resulting in actual results! Love that! I received my bottle of Clinique Acne Solutions + line correcting serum about one month ago. I have been using it daily according the directions. Words can’t even describe how happy I am!

Over the past month, I have watched my acne get under control; so I look like an adult. Love! I have also watched my fine lines look less visible. This is great news! Botox and fillers will never be an option for me; I plan to grow old gracefully. That being said, I want to make sure I have the right products in my arsenal so that I can indeed, grow old gracefully.

I am extremely happy with, and thankful for, Clinique Acne Treatment + line correcting serum. It is the magic potion my crazy, combination skin needs to stay as smooth as possible, for as long as possible! Love!

If you are developing fine lines, and are still combating acne, I highly recommend Clinique Acne Treatment plus line correcting serum. It is the ideal product for us!

You can find the Clinique Acne Treatment + line correcting serum online here.

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Clarisonic Mia Fit review

clarisonic mia fit review

Pictured: c/o Clarisonic Mia Fit in pink / c/o Lancome Creme Radiance

How cute is this little Clarisonic Mia Fit in pink! I am so excited to have the opportunity to talk to you about it.

I have always washed my face using clean hands, water, face wash, and my hands. One thing I have always noticed, is that I need to exfoliate; or deep clean. I have tried using exfoliating face washes, but they never seem to leave my skin as smooth as a spa facial; and those can get expensive!

The Clarisonic Mia Fit is such a cute, small version of the large Clarisonic facial skin cleansing system, which has been in stores for years. It always looked a little bit intimating to me, which is why I never tested one out. So when I heard about the Mia Fit by Clarisonic, I was so excited to give it try! It is compact, not intimidating, and extremely easy to use. Love that!

I am so happy I had a chance to use the Clarisonic Mia Fit in pink. After one use, my skin felt as smooth and clean as after a spa facial. I could not believe it! Facials run north of $100 a pop, so it is definitely something I don’t want to do more than once a month; plus they take over an hour! Now, every time I use my cute little Mia Fit by Clarisonic, my skin glows like I just walked out of a spa!

Since I don’t wear foundation unless it is a special occasion, this is perfect for my lifestyle. I like to have a wash-and-go face. The compact size of the Mia Fit makes it easy to use daily, plus it will be easy to pack and take with me on vacation! Love!

The Clarisonic Mia Fit is part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going on now through August 5, 2016. So for a limited time, you can grab one on sale here! Love that! You can also find the Mia Fit in more colors below. Thanks for stopping by, and stay fabulous 😉