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Londontown Lakur Brighton Rock spring 2017 nail polish collection review

Pictured: nail polish c/o Londontown Peach Pop, Candy Floss, Dolly Mix, Fruit Tella / earrings

I am always on the hunt for fabulous nail polish. I love new, exciting colors, as well as new brands to try. When Londontown approached me to test out their 9-free nail polish, I was thrilled! 9-free?? I had no idea that even existed!

If you are wondering what “9-free” even means, it is an abbreviation for saying a nail polish formula is free from nine known harmful chemicals which are commonly found in nail polish. It has become common to hear about 5-free polish, but 9-free is new, unexplored territory! Love that!

In addition to being 9-free, Londontown Lakur is florium infused, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and vegan! How fabulous is that! To sweeten the pot, how fabulous are the four colors from Londontown “Brighton Rock,” the new spring/summer 2017 nail polish collection! Love!

Londontown Brighton Rock is the new spring/summer 2017 nail polish collection from Londontown. There are four, pretty shades in the collection; Peach Pop, which is a pale, peachy white hue, Dolly Mix, which is a pale lavender, Candy Floss, which is a sparkling pale pink, and Fruit Tella which is a bold and bright fuchsia.

This is Peach Pop. It is a really pretty and pale peach hue. When applied, it appears to be a few shades away from white. This is a fabulous color for both the spring and summer seasons. It acts like a pastel for spring, yet acts like an almost-white polish which is ideal against tan skin in the summer months. I used two coats of color with one base coat for my Peach Pop mani. It initially turned out a little bit streaky, and needed a few touch-ups on about half my nails.  I would recommend two normal coats of color, and one light third coat. Love!

londontown lakur dolly mix spring 2017 brighton rock collection

Dolly Mix is a beautiful, pale lavender color which is ideal for the spring 2017 season. With so many shades of blue and pink in style for spring, lavender polish plays well with the current color palette and adds a nice compliment to spring’s shades of blue and pink. This is a beautiful hue. One base coat, and two coats of color created the perfect mani. Love it too!

For the feminine and romantic, Candy Floss is your go-to nail polish for spring/summer 2017. This is a sweet, sparkling pink which has a grown-up feel to it. It really is the perfect pink. I used one base coat, and two coats of color. Love!

Londontown Lakur Fruit Tella nail polish spring 2017

If you are feeling va-va-voom; or just want to brighten your day, Fruit Tella is the color for you! This is a fabulous color for the upcoming summer season. It is bright, bold, sassy, and downright fun! I would love to wear Fruit Tella on a tropical beach vacation, or any day I would want to feel like I am on a summer vacation. This was an easy polish to apply and it went on perfectly even. I used one base coat, and two coats of color. It is very shiny, which adds to it’s perfection. Love!

All in all, Londontown’s Brighton Rock collection for spring/summer 2017 offers great colors for the season, high shine, and the peace of mind knowing all the polishes are 9-free, florium infused, cruelty-free, gluten free, and vegan! Love!

You can find Londontown Brighton Rock for spring/summer 2017 online here.

Which color is your favorite?

Top trends for spring 2017 from NYFW

desigual spring 2017 nyfw

Photo courtesy of Desigual / Desigual spring 2017 NYFW runway

The spring 2017 runway at New York Fashion Week left us with a whole new set of fashion trends to think about, and to covet, for the upcoming warm weather season. Designers in New York introduced a whole new set of designs for spring 2017, incorporating trends from seasons’ past, as well as new, fresh looks. Loved it!

Let’s start with the overall vibe of New York Fashion Week spring 2017. Over the past several seasons we have looked at 1970s silhouettes, and inspiration. There was still an element from the 1970s on many of New York’s catwalks, but the 1970s look is starting to go by the wayside as we move into 2017. Designers are starting to seek 1960s inspiration, 1990s inspiration, and mixing it together into a romantic, nouveau nautical, and/or menswear look.

What is nouveau nautical you ask? Well, it is what I am naming the large amount of horizontal stripes on the runways of New York for spring 2017. These aren’t the yacht club’s nautical stripes, these are bold, colorful, whimsical, and sometimes unorthodox horizontal stripes. If it’s horizontal, it’s hot for spring 2017. Which brings us to “HOT TREND” number one. horizontal stripes!

Horizontal Stripes

vivienne hu spring 2017 nyfw

Vivienne Hu spring 2017. See full article here.

Horizontal stripes were splashed all over the runways for spring 2017 in New York. As mentioned above, they are not-so-nautical. Look for multi-colored vertical stripes, varying sized stripes, and horizontal stripes like you have never seen before! This is the hot trend for spring 2017 to watch for.


irina vitjaz spring 2017 nyfw

Irina Vitjaz spring 2017 NYFW

Designers were in a romantic mood for spring 2017. There were shades of blush, soft ruffles, flowing fabrics, and an overall feeling you should be sitting in a Parisian cafe gazing lovingly into the eyes of your significant other. Look for flowing fabrics, ruffles, blush pink (yes again!), and 1960s inspiration which is romantic; yet evokes a vintage, European vibe.

Asymmetrical lines and Twisted fabrics


Nicholas K spring 2017 NYFW, photo courtesy of Nicholas K press

Designers twisted and turned fabrics for the spring 2017 season. In addition to asymmetrical hemlines, and overall lines, fabrics were ruched, twisted, and manipulated into dresses, skirts, tops, and the like. Get ready to be a pretzel for spring 2017!

Denim Anything and Everything

new york fashion week front row view

Demoo Parkchoonmo spring 2017 NYFW full post here

Designers loved denim this season! Look for anything and everything you can think of in denim. Denim is not just a regular pair of jeans this season, look for patchwork, asymmetrical hems, twisted denim, embellished denim, and more! Think, and buy, denim.


cynthia rowley spring 2017 nyfw

Cynthia Rowley spring 2017 NYFW 

Raise your hand of you wore a jumper in the 1990s? Mine is waaaaay up! This was a HOT trend in the mid-1990s. Jumpers over tee-shirts or blouses or thin sweaters or shirts was du rigueur. It is also going to be du rigueur for the spring 2017 season. Designers jumped on this trend for the spring 2017 season, not to mention it was already on the streets in New York where fashion week guests layered silk slip dresses over shirts and tees while attending the shows. This is a trend you can wear now, and well into spring 2017. Get ready to layer!

Spring 2017 Accessories

marissa webb spring 2017 nyfw handbags

Marissa Webb spring 2017 NYFW full post here

Accessories for spring 2017 are changing. While shoe styles remain the same, jewelry and handbags are going to be different as we move into the new year.

Jewelry: BIG earrings are HOT HOT HOT for spring 2017. As for statement necklaces, well, not so much. Rings and bracelets will also be large, bold, and noticeable.

Shoes: Shoes are staying comfortable for the spring 2017 season. Look for menswear inspired loafers, flats, and block heels. Keep to the block heels! Stilettos need not apply.

Keep it street with Adidas vintage-inspired sneakers, such as this pair (IT shoe alert!), or skate sneakers.

Slides are also hot, practice walking in them now!

Tie-up, or lace-up shoes are still around, but they should be on your keep list, not your buy list. Wear them out instead of replacing them. 2017 might be their last year.

Handbags: Gone are the days of the micro-bag. Most spring 2017 runway bags were medium. Look for duffel-style satchels, totes, boxy bags which are reminiscent of trunks or binocular cases, shoulder bags/saddle bags, and fringe. Long live fringe!

Other Notable Trends for Spring 2017

taoray wang spring 2017 nyfw

Taoray Wang spring 2017 NYFW

There are other trends for spring 2017 which are notable. Here they are!

*Spring 2017 is going to be all about dresses. Separates can take a backseat to dress after dress. Invest in a dress!

*The color palette includes all-white, all-black, military green, grey, blush (yes, again!), any metallic hue, red, bright pink, shades of blue, and red paired with green (the horror! yes, we are all going to look like Christmas trees, yikes! I plan to avoid this one, just so ya know!) Pantone’s top ten color’s for spring 2017 are shown below. Although it does not show red, I did see quite a bit of red on the runways; perhaps it is number eleven?

spring 2017 color trends

*Blazers are the IT jacket of the season, followed by Moto jackets. Go rebel, or go structured, it’s your choice!

*Fringe is still hot! Keep your boho-chic fringe and re-work it into a more structured, less boho look for spring 2017. Fringe is no longer hippie for spring, it got a job, and is now yuppie.

*Embellishments, brocade, and decadent fabrications are still hot as we move into spring. Keep it all!

*Leather, leather, and uh, oh yeah, leather! Did I mention leather is a trend for spring? I didn’t? Oops, leather is hot for spring 2017.

*Hemlines are rising. Start going to spin class now!

*Athleisure is continuing from now into spring 2017. Look for more leisure suits, athleisure suits, bomber jackets, street sneakers, windbreakers, and sweatpants you won’t actually want to sweat in.

That’s a wrap! I will start to cover the trends which make it from the runways to the streets as stores start to stock spring 2017. In the meantime, you can use this as a guide to start wearing the hottest runway trends from New York for spring 2017, right now! Love that!

What are your favorite runway trends for spring 2017 from New York?

custo barcelona spring 2017 nyfw

Photo Journal: NYFW spring 2017 recap

irina vitjaz spring 2017 nyfw final walk

Final Walk at Irina Vitjaz during New York Fashion Week, spring 2017.

The last model has walked off the runway at New York Fashion Week, and the glamorous whirlwind of runway shows has come to an end. The spring/summer 2017 shows were eye opening, unexpected, and amazing. There are always so many designers showing their new collections during fashion week, it is always an honor to be invited to a small amount of those runway show, and presentations.

I am not a professional photographer by any means, so I do my best to get a few snapshots from each show to share with you. Sometimes I am fortunate enough to have a front row seat, where I can get amazing photos to share with you. Other times, I am in the second row, or back in the sixth row where photography is not possible. I can still see the collection, spot the trends, and report back to you what is hot, and what is not, for the new season. But I may not always have all the photos to give you a visual example with.

So, before I recap the trends tomorrow for you, I wanted to give you a snapshot of my New York Fashion Week schedule for spring/summer 2017. Without further adieu, here was my schedule, and the shows I saw while at New York Fashion Week.

Day One: September 8, 2016

nicholas k spring 2017 nyfw

Nicholas K, spring 2017. My photos were not great, but the collection sure was! Flowing silhouettes, fabulous hats, and large fanny packs currently being labeled “Belt Bags.”

concept korea spring 2017 nyfw final walk

Concept Korea spring 2017. This runway show featured multiple designers from Korea. They were edgy, took chances, and were a little bit rock n’ roll. Loved it!

supima design challenge spring 2017 nyfw

Supima Design Challenge spring 2017. This was a fabulous show featuring new, emerging designers who competed for a cash prize which would help them grow their fashion business. I sat front row and was able to capture great shots! For all the juicy details, click here for the full article.


Michael Costello spring 2017. This is a press photo, none of my photos came out. I had a third row seat, which was great, but the girl sitting in front of me decided to stand up during the entire show; which is beyond rude! To make matters worse, she kept bending over the guest to her left to get photographs, completely blocking me and the guest next me from seeing the runway. I was able to peek through arms and heads, and what I saw was beautiful. I wish I had more photos to share! The collection was filled with shades of dreamy purple, dark garden-like inspiration, and a vampy vibe. I love it! Fortunately I have the beauty tips from backstage for you, click here for all the fabulous details!


Fashion Palette ready-to-wear resort. This was a collection of Australian designers who showed their resort collections. Fabulous designs!

desigual spring 2017 nyfw

Desigual spring 2017 was full of color, and upbeat designs.

marissa webb spring 2017 nyfw

Marissa Webb spring 2017, always one of my favorite shows of the season! Everything she sent down the runway was flawless, and fabulous. You can read my full report online here.

cynthis rowley spring 2017 nyfw

Cynthia Rowley spring 2017 was a presentation set behind white mesh drapery. Behind the curtains was a full scale pillow fight! There were feathers flowing everywhere! Past the feathers were beautiful designs for the spring 2017 season including bright pink, green, brocade, embellishments, jumpers, and mood elevating designs. Loved it!

the art institutes spring 2017 nyfw

The Art Institutes spring 2017. This was the first time I have attended the The Art Institutes fashion week show. I was impressed! There was vintage inspiration, bright colors, an upbeat mood, and a fresh take on fashion. These are the designers of the future, so it is important to take note.

Day Two: September 9, 2016

issosy london spring 2017 nyfw

Issosy London is a cute children’s line which was very on trend! Any child wearing a piece from this collection will look like he or she walked right off the runway! There were ruffles, denim, patchwork, jumpers, and the best of the spring trends. Hopefully I can dress my younger daughter in something from this collection. Loved it!

francesca liberatore spring 2017 nyfw

Francesca Liberatore spring 2017. This too is one of my favorite shows during fashion week. I love her collection so much. Unfortunately I did not get one good photo. I apologize for this blurry shot. Her runway was filled with subtle hues, breezy designs, and timeless appeal. I am in love!

katie gallagher spring 2017 nyfw

Katie Gallagher spring 2017. This collection featured mainly lingerie with a handful of ready-to-wear pieces. This dress was my favorite look of the night. It is the perfect go-to black dress for anyone’s closet.

new york fashion week front row view

Demoo Parkchoonmoo spring 2017. Loved everything about this collection, always one of my favorite shows! Demoo played with patchwork, denim, and flowing silhouettes. You can read my full post online here.

Day Three: September 10, 2016

dan liu spring 2017 nyfw

Dan Liu spring 2017 New York Fashion Week. Beautiful, romantic collection with vintage, 1960s silhouettes. I loved the prints, and the vibe. This was my favorite look from the runway, it is both playful and chic. Love!


Vicky Zhang spring 2017 was a beautiful collection of mother-daughter looks for spring. Gorgeous!

rebecca minkoff fall 2016 new york fashion week

Rebecca Minkoff stirred things up at fashion week by showing her fall 2016 collection outside, on the street. The collection was available immediately after the show to buy, both in-store and online. You can read all about it online here.

son jung wan spring 2017 nyfw

There was a disco party at Son Jung Wan spring 2017 at New York Fashion Week! The three ladies sitting behind me stood up and starting dancing. They danced throughout the entire runway show! It was a fabulous, Studio 54 ready collection complete with amazing music. I loved every minute of it!

a detacher spring 2017 nyfw

A Detacher spring 2017 was a fun collection featuring playful colors, pattern mixing, texture, and breezy silhouettes. I wish I had a picture of the fabulous denim skirt from the runway, it was to-die-for!

sally skoufis spring 2017 nyfw

Sally Skoufis spring 2017 was a presentation of fine jewelry. There were travel inspired pieces, avant-garde pieces, and collectible pieces which every woman dreams of owning in her fine jewelry collection. I loved the sparkle, and fresh, modern take on fine jewels. Love!

Day Four: September 11, 2016

custo barcelona ss17 nyfw

Custo Barcelona showed bright colors, textures, peek-a-boo fabrics, metallics, mixed prints, and an all around fun collection for spring 2017. Loved it!

vivienne hu spring 2017 nyfw

Vivienne Hu was one of my favorite spring 2017 collections this season. You can read about her collection in my full post online here.

Day Five: September 12, 2017

irina vitjaz spring 2017 nyfw

Irina Vitjaz showed a beautiful collection filled with evening, cocktail, and gala attire. This gown was one of my favorites.

taoray wang spring 2017 nyfw

Taoray Wang’s spring 2017 collection was downright fabulous! My favorite look from the runway is this striped ensemble. I love the chic lines, the way it flowed when the model glided down the runway, and perfect construction. Even the fabric looks magical. Love!

leanne marshall spring 2017 nyfw

Leanne Marshall showed another dreamy collection this season filled with soft fabrics, cutting-edge texture, pastels, and options for every occasion. Loved it!

vivienne tam spring 2017 nyfw

Vivienne Tam’s spring 2017 show was huge! There was even a row of VIP’s sitting in the middle of the runway. Thank goodness for the giant screen at the top of the runway where those of us in the seats could see the collection. The collection was one of Vivienne Tam’s best yet. It included fringe, NASA inspired designs, metallic touches, and everything to covet for spring. Love!

anniesa hasibuan ss17 nyfw

Anniesa Hasibuan spring 2017 was intricate, ornate, and took elements from modern fashion, as well as historical styles, to create a collection like no other. It is rare to see medieval dress elements combined with twenty-first century designs, but Hasibuan did it! Oh, and she did so very well! She also managed to create these beautiful designs in modest garments, showing the world you can be beautiful, fashionable, and cutting-edge without showing all your goods. Now cover up ladies, it’s in vogue.

Day Six: September 13, 2016


Monique Lhuillier spring 2017 was dreamy and perfect as usual. To read my full post, please click here.

That’s a wrap! I had additional invites to Runa Ray, Georgine, Xuly Bet, and a few others, but I had to fly home to my three beautiful kiddos; so sadly, I missed those shows. Stay tuned for my upcoming trend reports, and what’s hot on the streets; all from New York Fashion Week for right now, and into spring 2017!