Colleen Rothschild beauty favorites

colleen rothschild beauty favorites

beauty products c/o Colleen Rothschild from left, Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum / Body Cream (love how this smells!!) /  Extreme Recovery Cream (all products-use coupon code FF25 to save 25% off your purchase now through May 21!)

I am so excited to talk to you about Colleen Rothschild’s beauty products! I had the honor of meeting her last month when I was at the rewardStyle conference, and she was absolutely amazing! She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and had the best skin; of course! Since I want skin like hers, and I think we all do, I knew trying out her beauty products was a must!

She has so many fabulous skin care products. I have not had the chance to try them all out, but I wanted to share with you the three products which caught my eye when I was first introduced to the brand.

Colleen Rothschild Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum

colleen rothschild mandelic acid radiance serum

Colleen Rothschild’s Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum caught my eye because it helps skin like mine. Although it has the word “acid” in the name, it is actually gentle enough to use everyday. The Mandelic Acid Radiance Serum promotes cellular turnover which helps with fine lines, acne (my nemesis!), dark spots (I have a few from my love of the sun), and the overall texture of facial skin.

Mandelic Acid is derived from the bitter almond and contains gentle yet highly effective alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). It gently exfoliates skin which, over time, results in a bright and radiant complexion. Love that!

I have been using it nightly after my regular nighttime cleansing routine and my skin feels softer, and my sun spots less visible. Love!

Colleen Rothschild Extreme Recovery Cream

colleen rothschild extreme recovery cream review

The Extreme Recovery Cream by Colleen Rothschild is a lifesaver for dry skin. This spring season, we have had so much wind! The wind and the sun have really wreaked havoc on my skin. This cream has been a great barrier from the wind, and it has kept my facial skin moisturized to perfection. Love!

Colleen Rothschild body cream (new product-smells SO GOOD!)

colleeen rothschild body cream review

I go through so much body cream! My skin is always exposed to the elements, as well swimming pool chemicals, so I am always in need of a good body cream to keep my skin moisturized. Colleen Rothschild new body cream smells so good, plus it is light as a feather! It does not leave any film or goopy cream on your skin. It is absorbed instantly; which is so amazing! This body cream may not be online yet, but I will keep you posted and let you know when it is in stock. It is truly amazing!

You can learn more about Colleen Rothschild online at

My current favorites from Colleen Rothschild:

Products I want to try/on my wish list:

*thank you colleen rothschild for partnering on this post. all thoughts and opinions are my own

LaVanila Body Butter review

lavanila body butter review

Pictured: body butter c/o LaVanila. Review of LaVanila Body Butter in fresh vanilla lemon

One of my favorite perfumes is LaVanila. When I found out they also made a body butter, I was thrilled! The fabulous thing about LaVanila’s products isn’t just the amazing scent offerings, it is the fact that their products are made from organic ingredients, and not harsh chemicals. Love that!

As a Mother of three, I care a little bit about what I put on my skin, but it is the skin of my children I care A LOT about. This means that I need to be extra careful with their skin since they are young, and what I do to their skin now will last a lifetime.

Summer is upon us, and living in Northern California means my kids will have plenty of outdoor time now, and throughout the summer months. Their skin will take a beating from sun, sticky sunblocks, chlorinated pools, the beach, and more. After they take a bath or shower, I want to be able to nourish their skin, and mine, with something free of harsh chemicals, and made from organic ingredients. I am so happy to be able to use LaVanila Body Butter on their skin!

Not only is the LaVanila Body Butter made from organic ingredients free of harsh chemicals, it actually works to hydrate skin; love that! We all end up with well-nourished skin after using it; especially after a day in the sun or the pool when our skin gets visibly dry.

I am quickly going through my LaVanila Body Butter in fresh vanilla lemon, so when I replace it, I want to try out one of the other scents. They all sound so good! I think vanilla coconut is calling my name to try next; doesn’t it sound perfect for summer!!

You can find LaVanila Body Butter online here. Which scent do you plan to get?

L’Oreal Paris Ever Hair Care collection review

From top left: hair products c/o L’Oreal Paris: L’Oreal Paris Ever Fresh Micro-Exfoliating Scrub / L’Oreal Paris Ever Pure Moisture / L’Oreal Paris Ever Creme Deep Nourishing / L’Oreal Paris Ever Pure Volume / L’Oreal Paris Ever Creme Nourishing Butter / L’Oreal Paris Ever Fresh Anti-Dandruff

I am so excited to talk about the L’Oreal Paris Ever Hair Care Collection with you! This collection features a hair care product for every type of hair; which is so amazing! The collection is made from botanical ingredients, and is 100% sulfate-free, dye free, paraben free, vegan, and gentle on color treated hair. Love!

So my teenage daughter will get really mad that I am writing this, but, in order to give a proper review, I need to let you know what works! My adorable teenager has dandruff, so she has been testing out the L’Oreal Paris Ever Fresh Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner. She washes and blowdries her hair everyday; without any heat protective product. Her hair takes a daily beating, so dandruff has been a problem. She has been using the L’Oreal Paris Ever Fresh Anti-Dandruff shampoo and conditioner for about two weeks now, and she loves it! It has eliminated her dandruff problem, and her hair remains well-moisturized, without any film. She loves it!

My middle daughter has fine, curly hair. She loves to make sure her curls are in ringlets, yet has volume. If her hair looks flat, she rewashes it! I gave her the L’Oreal Paris Ever Pure Volume shampoo and conditioner to test out. Her curls are staying bouncy, and her hair is fluffy with volume. She is very happy with this shampoo and conditioner! So if you are looking for volume, this works!

My hair tends to be dry from continual use of a flat iron and blow dryer. Since I need moisture, not oil, added to my hair, I decided to test out the L’Oreal Paris Pure Moisture Shampoo and conditioner. It does the job without leaving my hair with an oily film. Love it!

I have a feeling the Ever Creme collection will come in handy this summer when  my whole family has dry hair from the pool, and the beach. Since the L’Oreal Paris Ever Hair Care Collection is free of parabens, dyes, and sulfates, I feel confident letting my kids use it on their hair.

This is a great collection of hair care products, all affordably priced! Love that! You can find the collection available to shop online by clicking on the photos in the widget below. I would love hear what you think of this collection!

*products received complimentary from L’Oreal Paris for editorial review. all thoughts and opinions are my own