Nordstrom Anniversary Public Access starts today!

fitness clothing on sale

Pictured from left: sweatshirt / leggings / pattern shoes / black shoes

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opens up to non-cardholders today! This is a great time to stock up on classic, closet staples as well as on trend items for the fall 2016 season. I linked to my favorite fitness items in this post, but to see all of my fall picks, please click here.

To shop the sale, please click here. Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉

Summer fitness: staying on track

From left: top / pants / coverup / shoes

Summer is here! The wonderful thing about summer vacation is my schedule. The kids are out of school, and enrolled in camps, as well as activities. These camps and activities are much easier to handle then the schedule we maintain during the school year. This means I can make it to the gym six days per week! Love that!

My goal over summer break is to not only workout six days per week, but to also lose ten pounds. As I write this, I am already down three pounds, so things are looking good! In order to ensure I stick to my fitness, and nutrition, goals this summer vacation, I have a set workout schedule which I put into my iPhone calendar for the entire break until school starts. I also use an app to count my calories and track what I am eating.

If you are trying to lose one pound per week, this might be a good sample schedule for your own personal fitness routine. This is my summer fitness routine:

Monday: 60 minutes LifeFitness Course. I set the treadmill to 3.7 and 6% incline. The incline moves between 11% and 4% throughout the hour as the course takes me through hills, trails, and flatlands. If your gym has a LifeFitness Treadmill, I highly recommend trying the courses. They are a lot of fun! After I finish my routine, I do 15 minutes of weights, then I do 15 push-ups, followed by 15 minutes of ab work. When I am done, I stretch for ten minutes. This workout burns over 500 calories and is low impact; easy on the joints.

Tuesday: 60 minute Spin class. This is always fun and burns almost 400 calories.

Wednesday: Tennis or swimming. My schedule changes every Wednesday, so depending on when I can get to the gym, I either schedule tennis with my friends, or hop in the pool for a workout. I usually burn just over 400 calories.

Thursday: 45 minute Spin class. This burns roughly 350 calories, The teacher is more intense then the one on Tuesday, so I always burn calories faster.

Friday: BodyCombat. I burn roughly 700 calories in this intense, cardio kickboxing class. Always a blast!

Saturday: BodyPump followed by Adv. Step. This burns almost 1000 calories. Super fun to get both cardio work and strength work in to kick off the weekend.

To summarize, Monday, Friday, and Saturday I do cardio. Tuesday and Thursday I do interval training. Wednesday is a combination of interval and cardio due to the starting and stopping nature of the sports. I get my strength training in on Mondays and Saturdays.

In order to lose one pound per week, I try to keep my daily caloric intake to 1200 calories. I use MyFitnessPal app, which you can find in the app store, to track my caloric intake and my daily fitness routines. The app gives you credit for your workouts, so if you burn 400 calories, you can eat 1200+400=1600 calories that day. It works! This app is the best way, in my opinion, to track my calories, and stay on track to lose one pound per week.

If you are like me, and love to eat something sweet, you will love this idea! There are two ways I get my sweet kicks while I am trying to lose weight. For ice cream, I eat Skinny Cow products because they are always under 200 calories. When I don’t feel like ice cream, I will eat a cup of jello with some whip cream on top. This is always under 200 calories and super sugary! It is a great way to get my sweet fix in, so I don’t feel deprived while calorie counting. You should never deprive yourself.

For hunger between meals, I keep plenty of fruit on hand. I prefer grapes, cherries, and strawberries for between meal snacks.

Are you working on losing weight, or trying to maintain your current weight this summer? What are your fitness goals, and your workout routine? Please share in the comments below!

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Week seven and beyond swim workout

hot to start swimming for fitness

Are you feeling the burn! Do you feel stronger? You should! If you have completed the other five workouts, you should feel stronger in the pool, and in your other workouts. After all, when you are in shape for swimming, you are in shape for any athletic activity you choose. Swimming is the ultimate combination of overall body strength, and cardiovascular strength.

If you have noticed my swim workout posts over the last month, and have wondered how to jump in, please take a moment to read my first post “How to start swimming for fitness.” and jump right in! The water is perfect 😉

This is the last swim workout I will be posting for awhile. If you would like me to continue posting new workouts, with different types of sets, please feel free to email me or leave me a comment below. Once you have mastered this workout, you should be ready to use the board workouts left by coaches at the pool where you swim. You should also be ready to join a masters swim program; which is a great way to increase your swimming ability, and make new friends who also love to swim! Joining a master’s program is win/win!

Week seven and beyond (2000+ yards or meters)

Warm-up: 150 freestyle non-stop (week 7) 200 freestyle non-stop (week 8+)

4 laps alternating strokes in IM order (Butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, freestyle) rest 10 seconds between each lap

1 50 first lap butterfly, second lap freestyle

1 50 first lap backstroke, second lap freestyle

1 50 first lap breakstroke, second lap freestyle

1 50 freestyle (medium pace) rest 30 seconds afterwards

100 IM (rest 45 seconds afterwards)

8 50’s freestyle, lap one easy pace, lap two swim medium pace, rest 20 seconds between

Kickboard: flutter kick (freestyle kick) 3 100’s (4 laps each) non-stop (rest 20 seconds between 100’s)

2 50’s freestyle medium pace (rest 20 seconds)

1 50 freestyle as fast as you can go! (rest 30 seconds)

2 50’s freestyle medium pace (rest 20 seconds)

1 100 freestyle as fast as you can go! (rest 20 seconds)

100 freestyle easy pace (rest 30 seconds)

100 Kick your choice (any kick from any stroke you would like to do-you can even do each lap a different kick!)

4 laps alternating strokes in IM order (Butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, freestyle) rest 10 seconds between each lap

100 IM or stroke of your choice

2 50’s freestyle medium pace (20 seconds rest between) (add in week 8)

100 freestyle easy pace

  • Stretch for ten minutes, both arms and legs.
  • I hope you have enjoyed my sample swim workouts over the last six weeks. I enjoyed making them, and swimming along with you!
  • Stay tuned! I will continue to periodically post fitness tips, outfits, workouts, and more! Many of them will be swimming focused.
  • Thank you for swimming along with me, and stay fabulous 😉