Cult Gaia Ark handbag review

cult gaia ark bag natural largecult gaia ark bag review cult gaia ark bag review

Pictured: Cult Gaia Ark bag natural size large

Wondering what the new IT bag of 2017 is? Look no further, it is the Cult Gaia Ark bag; and it does not cost an arm and a leg to obtain. Love that!

Normally IT bags are priced well into the four figures. Well, this cute little wooden half circle of a bag is priced well under $200. Can you believe it! I was a bit shocked myself.

cult gaia ark bag review

The Cult Gaia Ark bag started to emerge as a hot handbag last year. I remember seeing it and thinking it was cute, but it didn’t click until the fall season. Since the bag is basket-like, it did not seem like something I needed in cooler weather. There is something about the Cult Gaia Ark bag which evokes a vacation vibe. It feels tropical; taking you from the busy city streets to a calm beach where you don’t have a care in the world. Yes! I need this now!

Since spring has sprung, and the Cult Gaia Ark bag is in stock, for the moment, I decided it was time to pull the trigger and bring a vacation vibe to my spring wardrobe. There are several colors to choose from, and the Cult Gaia Ark bag comes in two sizes; small and large. Since I have kids, I decided large was the size for me. I also chose the natural hue since it is the IT color for this bag. Natural is perfect since it is a neutral hue which works well with any outfit or color palette. Love!

how to get your hands on a cult gaia ark bag

As you can see, the interior of the Cult Gaia Ark bag is roomy in the large size. I can even fit a book inside! Since it is also a great bag for the beach, this size will come in handy since I can fit a book, a few snacks, and more. Relaxation, here I come!

cult gaia ark bag review cult gaia ark bag in stock

My biggest concern about the Cult Gaia Ark bag was the sturdiness of the weave. So far, I haven’t heard any snaps or creaks. It seems to be quite sturdy as it can handle the large book I am currently reading, as well as my sunglasses; two bulky items with a bit of weight. Whew!

The bag has two handles and easily sits upright, making it easy to set down without having to worry about the bag tipping over and spilling; since there isn’t a clasp. The handle is comfortable to carry, but if you need to hold it for a long period of time, I would recommend wrapping it in a scarf. Which leads me to my next thought. . .

This bag is see through! I am sure you noticed that. ;- ) If you don’t want the world to see what is inside your Cult Gaia Ark bag, then this is great opportunity to personalize your Ark bag! You can easily slip a square scarf into the bag as a liner. This will cover your purse contents and add color, or even a fun print, to your bag. I plan on trying out different scarves with the bag as the season progresses.

how to style a cult gaia ark bag

If you are wondering how to get your hands on a Cult Gaia Ark handbag, now is the time! You have to act fast because the Cult Gaia Ark handbag sells out almost as quickly as it comes in stock. Remember the days of Mansur Gavriel selling out before you even knew it was there? This isn’t as bad as that, but the bags sell out in a few days, so move fast if you want one!

If the natural hue isn’t your thing, I recommend the Cult Gaia Ark bag in classic black. It is chic, and translates well into both city and beach dressing. If I grab another one, it will be a small black Ark bag. I think it would be the perfect alternative to a clutch this spring and summer season.

What do you think of the Cult Gaia Ark bag? Are you excited to see an affordable IT bag this year? I am super excited to see an IT bag which is unconventional, yet sleek enough to pair with almost anything. Plus, the price is amazing!

You can find the Cult Gaia Ark bag in stock online here.

Cult Gaia Ark in natural around the web:

In additional colors:

how to wear a cult gaia ark bag

Stripes for spring 2017

desigual spring 2017 nyfw

Desigual spring 2017 NYFW runway, (photo courtesy of Desigual PR)

The spring season is here! This means it is time to start rocking those spring trends! The biggest trend from the New York Fashion Week runways for spring/summer 2017 was stripes. Designers showed everything from apparel to handbags to shoes with stripes. Stripes were shown in multi-color designs, varying sizes, asymmetrical, and mixed together. No two stripes were alike!

While some may argue stripes are merely a classic spring nautical trend, one cannot ignore that stripes for spring 2017 are not your average spring stripe! Stripes for spring 2017 are cutting-edge, fresh, and taking us in an entirely new direction. This is trend a to have fun with, mix up, and enjoy for spring! Love that!

Cynthia Rowley spring 2017 NYFW (photo credit Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista)

Stripes are such a fun trend for the spring 2017 season. You can wear your stripes on your clothing, at the beach, on your shoes, or adorned on your handbag. If you simply cannot choose, you can wear your stripes anywhere you please! This season is all about mixing things up, wearing a lot of different colors, and wearing stripes alone or paired together. Stripes on stripes on stripes!!! Love!

Here are few of my favorite clothing options for spring 2017 adorned in glorious stripes!

There are so many options for wearing stripes this spring 2017 season. It is so hard to choose!

vivienne hu spring 2017 nyfw

Vivienne Hu spring 2017 NYFW (photo credit Cathy/Bay Area Fashionista)

If head to toe stripes is not your thing, there are other ways you can rock the stripes trend for spring 2017. If you want to be quiet with your stripes, you can always wear a fabulous pair of shoes with overt, or discreet stripes. Here are a few of my favorite striped shoes for spring 2017.

I really love the sneakers shown above; I have the same pair! On my wish list for spring is a pair of striped espadrilles. One of the options shown above will eventually end up in my closet for spring. But which to choose?!

Nicholas K spring 2017 NYFW (photo courtesy of Nicholas K PR)

Another fun way to rock the stripes trend for spring 2017 is by wearing a striped handbag. You can wear a small, everyday bag with multi-color stripes, or go for something a bit bigger such as a beach bag, or tote. Here are a few of my favorite striped handbags for spring 2017 from around the web.

Lastly, stripes are incredibly fun at the beach or poolside. Here are a few fabulous swimsuits, beach towels, and poolside accessories which can be taken to the beach or the pool this spring, and also summer, seasons. Love!

There you have it! The most important fashion trend of spring 2017 is the striped trend! If you invest in one trend for spring, be sure to invest in stripes. This trend was also on the fall 2017 runways, so it is not fleeting; it has some staying power! How will you wear stripes this spring 2017 season?

The return of the hobo handbag for spring 2017

hobo handbags spring 2017

From top left: black grommet hobo handbag (designer must-have!) / blush hobo handbag (NYFW designer under $400) / denim hobo handbag (fabulous way to rock spring’s denim trend) / beige suede hobo (hot IT bag designer) / ivory hobo handbag (rock the logo trend with a classic closet staple under $500) / turquoise hobo handbag (classic designer closet staple) / navy structured hobo with tassel (cult favorite in the fashion world) / Gucci hobo handbag (everything Gucci is hot right now! under $2000)

Hobo handbags for spring 2017 are an emerging trend which is not getting enough press! The hobo has been a quiet, emerging trend over the past few seasons which we noticed splashed all over the fall 2017 runways in New York last month. While those were fall runways, hobo handbags had already graced the spring 2017 runways back in September; so this trend is positioning itself to unseat the current satchel trend, shoulder bag trend, and mini bag trend.

Last month in New York, designers favored soft and slouchy handbags; many of which were hobo handbags. The hobo is a casual closet staple, although, it has not enjoyed it’s place in handbag society over the past decade. For spring 2017, designers are including at least one hobo handbag style in their warm weather line-up, this makes the hobo handbag a fabulous up-and-coming bag to invest in now.

Most of us have already invested in fabulous satchels over the past few years. The shoulder bag, or saddle bag trend, is a classic style which most have us already have in our closets. In addition, we seem to all have at least one mini bag. While mini bags are a hot trend, they have held this position for a few years now. The mini bag cannot last forever. It will eventually fall victim to the IT bag style curse of being “so last season.” If you want to invest your dollars wisely in a casual, everyday handbag, the hobo is your best best.

For investment purposes this season, satchels and shoulder bags are good bets to have staying power over the next few years. If you want to invest in something at the beginning of the bell curve, look for a soft and slouchy hobo handbag for spring 2017.

I love hobo handbags! There is something luxurious about a soft and slouchy hobo. In addition to a scrumptious hobo, a structured hobo has it’s place in every woman’s closet too. The structured hobo handbag is easy to wear casually, at the office, and out to dinner; while the slouchy hobo is more of a weekend bag. The hobo handbag at the top of my wish list is this beauty online here. For a structured hobo handbag, I have my eyes on this one in blush.

What do you think of the hobo handbag for spring 2017? Is this a handbag trend you are excited about? Are you more of a slouchy hobo, or a structured hobo, kind of gal?

I found a few fabulous hobo handbags for spring 2017 around the web, and assembled them into the shopping widget below. There is a mix of bags under $500, and over $1000. Something for everyone! Happy shopping, and stay fabulous 😉