Chanel nail polish Act II for spring 2017

spring 2017 chanel nail polish

Chanel nail polish for late spring 2017 from left to right: Chanel Emblematique nail polish, Chanel Tulle nail polish, Chanel Androgyne nail polish and my favorite from the collection, Chanel Washed Denim nail polish

Chanel nail polish has released their second spring 2017 nail polish for the season. As with the second release of Chanel handbags in a given season, let’s refer to this late spring 2017 release as “Act II.”

The new spring 2017 nail polish collection from Chanel has four brand new longwear colors for the warm weather season. There is a vampy, chocolate brown hue named “Androgyne,” a playful red named ” Emblematique,” a classic and vivid pink named “Tulle,” and my favorite shade from the collection, “Washed Denim.”

All four of Chanel’s late spring 2017 nail polish colors are limited edition, and are made with the iconic design house’s longwear nail color formula.

Chanel Washed Denim nail polish spring 2017

chanel washed denim spring 2017 nail polish

Well I had to start with my favorite! Chanel Washed Denim nail polish for spring 2017 is a fabulous slate blue hue. This is a slight twist on the season’s grey nail polish trend. If grey is too dreary for you, Washed Denim by Chanel is the color you are seeking! This is a great alternative to grey, yet it is still considered part of the grey color family. Love that!

I used one base coat, two coats of color, and no top coat. Washed Denim is a cream nail polish and it glides on evenly; no streaks! Since it is a grey-ish color, and grey is a neutral, Chanel Washed Denim nail polish is an easy color to wear for spring 2017. It plays well with the various color palettes of the season. Love!

Chanel Emblematique nail polish spring 2017

chanel emblematique nail polish spring 2017

If you are a classic red nail polish kind of gal, Chanel Emblematique nail polish for spring 2017 is your hue! There is a slight orange-red tinge to this polish, yet it does not look overly orange; it is quite red. This is a playful red which is a few shades darker than cherry. It could easily be worn in the fall or winter season; it is that type of red. I am wearing it with one base coat and two coats of color, no top coat. Emblematique by Chanel is a cream nail polish and it applies evenly without streaking. Very fabulous and chic! Love!

Chanel Androgyne nail polish spring 2017

chanel androgyne spring 2017 nail polish

Chanel Androgyne nail polish for spring 2017 is a deep, dark, chocolate brown. How autumnal! Yes, this is traditionally a fall color, but Chanel has inserted it into their late spring 2017 nail polish collection, and it is fabulous. If you are seeking something which goes against the norm, this is your nail polish for spring.

I tested out Chanel Androgyne nail polish for spring 2017 with one base coat, two coats of color and no top coat. This too is a cream nail polish which does not streak. It offers a solid finish with high shine. This is my second favorite color of the collection. I am kind of obsessed with it! Since brown is a neutral, this is an easy nail polish to wear with any ensemble. Love!

Chanel Tulle nail polish spring 2017

chanel tulle nail polish spring 2017

Chanel Tulle is a traditional spring pink nail polish. Tulle by Chanel is vivid and bright, making it a fun pink to wear this spring season. This is definitely the most classic color from Chanel’s Act II spring 2017 nail polish collection. It is also a great pink to have in one’s nail polish wardrobe. I am wearing it with one base coat and two coats of color. This is a cream nail polish and it does not streak. Love this pink!

So what do you think of this second spring 2017 nail polish collection by Chanel? Do you like the colors? I love this collection because it is more unexpected than other Chanel collections from recent seasons. While Chanel Tulle offers a classic spring pink hue, the other three colors are either edgy, or pulled from other seasons.

Chanel Washed Denim nail polish is going to be my go-to for the rest of the spring 2017 season. I really love the blue-grey hue. It is on trend, edgy, yet neutral. Love that! When I want to mix things up, I am going to reach for Chanel Androgyne. This chocolate brown hue is unexpected for the spring season, making it a fun and edgy alternative to spring 2017’s grey nail polish trend. Lastly, if I need to look classic for spring, Chanel Tulle will be my go-to. It is a nice, vivid pink; perfect for feminine and classic ensembles. For me, Chanel Emblematique nail polish is a special occasion color. I don’t wear red on a daily basis, but I love how it looks with cocktail attire, or gala gowns.

Which color is your favorite? You can find Chanel nail polish late spring 2017 online here.

Top 10 classic handbags right now

It seems every season we are seeking the current IT bag of the moment. While there are many IT bags on the market, there are always classic handbags out there which catch our eyes.

What is a classic handbag? To understand this, we need to ask ourselves what makes one handbag more classic than another handbag? A classic handbag is one which withstands the test of time. Timeless handbags have stood on the IT bag pedestal, and when another IT bag du jour stepped into the limelight, the previous IT bag never faltered; it never became cliché.

The reason I have titled this article “Top 10 classic handbags right now,” instead of saying “all time,” is because this list will change very year, or every few years. There are always new IT bags emerging in the fashion world which will eventually fall into obscurity, or rise to classis status.

There are several IT bags on the market right now which are hot for the moment. They may, or may not, become classics over time. To see the hottest bags on the street right now, visit my post here. For classic handbags, read on!

Without further adieu, here are the top 10 classic handbags right now.

  1. Hermes Birkin or Kelly: Groundbreaking right? You already knew this one! The Birkin and the Kelly have sleek lines and they are customizable in different sizes, colors, and fabrications. There is nothing gimmicky about the styling. The silhouette is chic and timeless, making it a classic handbag.

    How to style wide leg pants for spring
  2. Givenchy Antigona: Say whaaaat? Oh yes, this is the perfect example of a recent IT bag turned classic IT bag. The Givenchy Antigona has slid into the closet staple category; everyone feels the need to own at least one. It has a classic doctor bag silhouette and is offered in mini, small, medium and large sizes as well as several colors, and different fabrications. This is must-have for the modern age.

  3. Chanel Classic Flap or 2.55 shoulder bag: Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! Every handbag fan out there needs at least one in her closet. The classic flap and the 2.55 come in mini, small, medium, and jumbo versions. All sizes are hot, all colors enviable, and all fabrications lust worthy.

    Chanel Boy Bag styled for summer.
  4. Chanel Boy bag. Another example of a recent, modern IT bag turned classic. This bag has an edgy slant to it, surprising many when it became an instant hit. Since Chanel keeps reinventing this now-classic style every season, it is one of the most sought-after handbags of all time. Invest in at least one. It is the ultimate classic, casual shoulder bag to own.

  5. Chloe Marcie satchel: This casual, closet staple has held IT bag status for over a decade. The popular colors include black, beige, and caramel. This is a great everyday bag Chloe Girls love to own! It has an unique design which is slightly boho. The bag is easy to use and extremely durable, making it the IT bag for everyday.
  6. Gucci Boston Bag: This is a classic duffle satchel. It has been around fooooor-eva! The Gucci Boston is an everyday bag which is quite casual. It has a roomy interior making it great for girls who like to tote a lot of things around. Vintage versions can be found for well under $1000, making it a budget-wise purchase from the pre-loved market.
  7. Stella McCartney Falabella Tote: This vegan handbag is loved by celebrities and comes in small or large sizes. The Falabella is also available in many different colors making it a fun, everyday bag. The smaller versions can be worn for dressier occasions; not formal, just dressy.

  8. Balenciaga City Tote: The City Tote put handbag zippers and tassels on the map. This soft and scrunchy bag is roomy and practical, making it a go-to everyday bag on casual days. Balenciaga introduces it in new colors every season creating a market of superfans who collect the bag in every color imaginable. The most popular color among handbag lovers is Anthracite.
  9. Louis Vuitton Neverfull tote: This might be one of the most recognizable totes on the planet. The plain, simple design of the Neverfull has made it an easy go-to tote for Fashionistas everywhere. Almost everyone has it in their closet. It is a go-to when traveling, beach-bound, and the like.

    chloe drew
  10. Chloe Drew: This chic, 1970s inspired shoulder bag has a very of-the-moment saddle bag silhouette, yet it has proven to withstand the test of fleeting IT bag status. The Chloe Drew is extremely sought after, and continues to sell well in every color, fabrication, and unique style Chloe has thrown to market. This is most the modern of the current, classic IT bags.

What do you think of the handbags that made the list? Any surprises or bags you felt were missing? Data for this list was compiled through social media post frequency, natural observation throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and online popularity. I worked on collecting data for this list over the course of six months, I hope you enjoy it! Feel free to comment below, I would love to hear what you have observed where you live too!

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Chanel spring 2017 nail polish collection review

chanel nail polish collection spring 2017

Chanel spring 2017 nail polish collection from left: Chanel Beige Beige nail polish, Chanel Black Metamorphosis top coat nail polish, Chanel Blanc White nail polish

The Chanel spring 2017 nail polish collection is here! This year Chanel has taken an edgy yet classic approach to nail polish. The spring 2017 nail polish collection includes a pale, pinkish-beige color named “Beige Beige,” a clear, pearly white hue named “Blanc White,” and an avant-garde top coat with a black tinge named “Black Metamorphosis.”

Blanc White, and Beige Beige, are both part of the Longwear nail colour collection, while Black Metamorphosis is a sheer, color-tinged top coat. Here they are!

Chanel Beige Beige nail polish spring 2017

chanel beige beige nail polish spring 2017 review

Chanel Beige Beige nail polish for spring 2017 is my favorite color from the collection. This is a sweet, pinkish-beige hue which is easy to wear daily. It is also a classic, spring color which captures the vibe of the season.

I used one base coat, and two coats of color with Beige Beige by Chanel. It is a cream polish, and with the second coat, did not show any streaks. Very pretty color!

Chanel Blanc White nail polish spring 2017

chanel blanc white nail polish spring 2017

Chanel Blanc White nail polish is a soft, sheer, pearly white hue which is a great neutral for the spring season. Although I am wearing Blanc White by Chanel on my hands at the moment, when sandal weather comes around, I plan to wear this color on my toes and go darker on my fingers.

I used one base coat, and two coats of color-no streaks! If you are looking for a clean looking color which is classic and easy to wear this spring, Blanc White is your hue!

Chanel Black Metamorphosis Top Coat nail polish spring 2017

chanel top coat black metamorphosis nail polish spring 2017

There is always at least one color in Chanel’s seasonal nail polish collections which is new and exciting. Black Metamorphosis top coat is that color. It can take a sweet polish such as Beige Beige, or an understated hue such as Blanc White, and transform them into something avant-garde.

Black Metamorphosis top coat by Chanel is shown in this photo with three coats over Beige Beige. Topping Beige Beige off with Black Metamorphosis gave it a slightly pinkish undertone, causing the sheer black hue to take on a brownish-black vibe,

Did you catch that I used three coats? Ah yes, this top coat will streak like crazy if you are not careful! Also, it does not apply evenly, so the streaks are extremely pronounced with fewer coats. It is up to you how you want to wear Chanel Black Metamorphosis top coat. You can wear one coat, which shows off the underneath color the most, and leaves a heavily streaky coat on top, or you can tone the streaks down with two coats.

I prefer to see more of the top coat, then the color underneath, so I applied a third coat. Streaks drive me crazy, so I had to keep applying it until I felt it was as non-streaky as possible; without compromising the effect of allowing the underneath color to show through just a little bit. 😉

The pinkish-brownish-charcoalish-blackish result of three coats of Black Metamorphosis over Beige Beige turned out to be a color I really love for spring. It is a little edgy, a little bit different, and a new way of looking at creating color on my nails. Love that!

The spring 2017 nail polish collection by Chanel is a cross between classic and sweet, and edgy and modern. Love! You can find the Chanel spring 2017 nail polish collection online here and online here. It is limited edition, as always, so the popular colors will sell fast. If you like one or more of these colors, snap them up now while you can!