Athleisure dress for summer

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wearing:  Chanel summer lipstick / bold turquoise and hold earrings / black hoodie athleisure dress (under $100!!) / Givenchy handbag / summer nail polish / black leather watch / Adidas sneakers in rose gold

My ten-year-old daughter snapped these pictures when we were in Los Angeles last week. We took them just before leaving the hotel to go to the California Science Center where we saw the space shuttle Endeavour on display. This was especially exciting for my nine-year-old son who wants to be an astronaut when he grows up!

The California Science Center requires quite a bit of walking, therefore, I wanted to make sure I was dressed in something comfortable. This hoodie athleisure dress was perfect for the day. The fabric is soft, and breathable, for warm weather. It also does not wrinkle! Love that!

Of course, when you are walking and standing a lot, comfortable shoes are a must. These sneakers by Adidas have turned into my go-to comfort shoes when we go out on family vacations, or day trips. They provide ample arch support, and cushioned comfort. Love!

I am so happy that athleisure is a trend right now! Remember the days when sneakers were frowned upon? There once was a time when wearing sneakers with shorts or leggings made you look like a tourist from BFD who didn’t know how to dress. Now, this is the style! It is uber-cool to walk around in street sneakers with leggings, shorts; or any athleisure look! As long as you look clean, put together, and not sloppy, the athleisure trend looks and feel fabulous!

What are your thoughts on the athleisure trend right now? Is this something you love? Or are you old-school and think sneakers should be left at the gym?

Stay tuned! My LA trip recap is coming up this week; and it will include details about our visit to the California Science Center, and seeing the space shuttle Endeavour in person!!

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Playful casual summer look

ruffles in the daytimecute outfit ideadaytime rufflesgivenchy antigonacasual summer outfit ideasummer espadrille wedges

wearing: mother of pearl and rose gold earrings / Chanel summer lipstick / Chanel sunglasses / white ruffle top  (under $60!) / rose gold cuff / Essie summer nail polish c/o / black leather strap and rose gold watch / boyfriend jeans / Givenchy Antigona / black espadrille wedges (under $100!!)

It is entirely possible I am obsessed with this season’s ruffle trend. I have stocked up on four tops this year with ruffles! I’m not counting peplum as ruffles; do you count peplum as ruffles? It seems like a lot of pieces from one trend, but when you love something, why not go all in!

You might be tired of seeing me in my boyfriend jeans, after all, I have owned them for a couple of years now, but they really work well with all of the ruffle tops I’ve aquired for 2017; and they create a daytime ruffle look which is comfortable and easy to wear. When paired with skinny jeans, I find ruffle tops take on more of an evening look; at least here in the Bay Area.

I wore this summer ruffle top outfit to meet up with my friend Dawn from She is one of my best blogging buddies, and she has turned out to be a great friend! If you are not already following her, be sure to follow along!

We met up at Pizza Antica at Santana Row for lunch to catch up on life, and talk about new trends in web design. When you blog, you work alone, so it is nice to have other blogger friends to talk to about things like web design, and other business topics related to blogging. I’m always looking for ways to tweak my site to make it easier for you navigate, if you have any suggestions, likes/dislikes, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

After lunch, I went home and finished planning our summer camp schedule. I am a little frightened at how many camps I signed my kids up for! We have art camp, baseball camp, archery camp, tennis camp, lego camp, and writing classes! Whew! I might need to clone myself to drive my kids to and from all their camps this summer!!

This ruffle top was perfect for my busy day since the fabric was comfortable, and the off-the-shoulder sleeve actually stayed off without constantly popping over-the-shoulder like so many tops do! It can also be worn with both shoulders down, but I like how it looks one up, one down. Although it sustained a few wrinkles, they were not that noticeable, and super easy to iron out when I got home. I cannot believe it was under $60!! I think it will look cute dressed up this summer with a black pencil skirt for more of an evening look, and a small black shoulder bag.

Have you scheduled out your summer yet? Have you ever over-scheduled summer like me? (searching for beach days!!)

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*photo credit by Dawn/Fashion Should Be Fun

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Ruffles and stripes

how to wear summer maxi skirt summer maxi skirt outfit idea givenchy antigona pale bluehow to wear maxi skirt

wearing: Chanel sunglasses / turquoise statement earrings / lipstick c/o Estee Lauder / white ruffle sleeve top (white sold out, also love this one) / rose gold cuff / black watch / striped ruffle maxi skirt / Givenchy Antigona (color from past season-also love this one) / Chanel summer nail polish / black wedge espadrilles (under $100 and super comfy!)

What happened to our summer weather? I wore this outfit on Mother’s Day, expecting it to be a warm day, and instead, it was freezing! Despite the non-May-like weather, Mother’s Day turned out to be fun!

We started the day off by attending mass as usual. Then, my Mom came over and we all went out for brunch at a restaurant named “Hult’s” located in Los Gatos. They had a prix-fix menu which was delicious! We were definitely stuffed!

I had planned to do some yard-work in the backyard after brunch, but I was waaaaay too stuffed to do anything! So we ended up watching the Warriors game on television, and just relaxing at home. It was a nice way to spend Mother’s Day, but the yard-work still needs to get done! I’m at a point where I might just pay our gardener a little extra to get it done. My weekends this spring have been busy crazy; I haven’t had a free weekend to get anything done around the house. Have you ever had periods of time like this?

Hopefully you had  a fabulous Mother’s Day! Thanks for stopping by!



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