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Top IT bags for summer 2017

must have handbags summer 2017

Summer is upon us, this means it is time to ensure we are carrying the ultimate IT bags for the summer 2017 season. There are three handbags which stand out this summer, and are must-haves for anyone who covets the ultimate IT bag.

You might be wondering, how is an IT bag determined? Well, I have studied social media, sales trends, and also what people are carrying here on the streets of the San Francisco Bay Area. While some bags may appear to have status online, they don’t always have that same IT power on the street. If a bag is spotted regularly online via social media, and on the streets, plus it sells out quickly, then it has achieved coveted IT bag status.

Without further adieu, here are the three IT handbags to have this summer.

Chloe Nile

chloe nile in stock shop oniline

*photo courtesy of Chloe

Chloe has done it again! They have conquered the IT bag market. The new Chloe Nile handbag is offered in two sizes, and has been deemed the “bracelet bag.” It features a fun, golden bracelet which can be used as a top handle or as decoration. The mini version of this IT bag holds little more then keys and a lipstick, while the medium-sized version can easily be worn everyday as it holds a wallet, keys, lipstick, smart phone, and glasses without a hard case.

I have spotted this bag on multiple women throughout Silicon Valley. This bag is hot right now, and can only get hotter!

If you are seeking the ultimate IT bag for summer, this is it! I am definitely eyeing this bag in black, I think it is so chic! They are hard to find in stock online, but I did find a few! So if you want to add the Chloe Nile handbag to your collection now, you can find it online here-but act fast! They are selling faster than a New York minute.

Chloe Nile in stock online:

Cult Gaia Ark Bag

cult gaia ark back in stock

The Cult Gaia Ark bag is hotter then hot. It also happens to be under $150! A-ma-zing! It is extremely rare for an IT bag to be so affordable! While this might not be the most practical of the IT bag family, it definitely wins in the unique style department. You can easily tie a scarf on the handle to make the bag match your outfit, or you can line the bag with a colorful scarf, allowing your own personal style to shine through the cracks of the bag. It is great for the beach, poolside, or as an everyday bag. Love!

This is a bag I have spotted on the arms of women here in the San Francisco Bay Area, plus it was carried by a lot of other fashion and style bloggers at the recent rewardStyle conference. The Cult Gaia Ark is a popular bag on the street, and via social media!

This is another IT bag which sells out quickly, and can be hard to find. Thankfully, it is currently in stock online here. If you love it, snap one up ASAP! You can also read my full review.

Cult Gaia Ark bag in stock online:

JW Anderson Pierce Bag

jw anderson pierce bag

The JW Anderson Pierce Bag is getting hotter as we speak. This street style star first gained IT bag status last fall when it peppered the streets of New York at fashion week. The bag’s popularity has grown, and it has become a must-have bag for the summer 2017 season. Look for it in classic black, red, and seasonal dark blush. Swoon!

There is also a cross-body mini version available, so if carrying a bag in your forearm is not your thing. The cross-body version has a pretty chain strap which allows the bag to be worn as a shoulder bag, or cross body bag. Love!

I have spotted a few of these on the streets of San Francisco, but it really shined when I was in New York. This is the bag I get the most compliments on when I wear it, and I have had multiple women ask me how I got my hands on mine. This is a great IT bag to own if you want one which is a little bit on the rare side.

You can find the JW Anderson Pierce bag online here, but not for long! It has been selling quickly too. I love this bag and find myself wearing it constantly. You can read my complete here.

JW Anderson Pierce Bag in stock online:

There you have it! Three IT bags to own this summer 2017 season. I love the fact that there is finally a bag on the list under $150!! It is so rare to find an IT bag which is affordable, and super cute!

What do you think of the bags which made the list? Are they your style?

For those about to rock

band tee shirt trendband t-shirt shirt trendband tee shirt trendjw anderson pierce bagvalentino rockstudshow to wear a band tee

Wearing: Gorjana earrings (sold out, also love this pair) / Chanel spring lipstick / vintage AC/DC tee, here is a cute one, more choices below / Kendra Scott ring / Gucci belt / JW Anderson Pierce bag / jeans c/o Bridge & Boro (last seen here) / Chanel spring nail polish / Valentino heels (old, also love this pair and this pair under $150)

One of my favorite activities with my friends in the 1990s was attending concerts. I loved seeing live music, and being able to hear the musicians play in person; without any studio enhancements. This was before modern artists lip-synced on stage and used other “helpers” to perform. Bands used to play raw. If the singer had a strained voice, you could hear it, if someone hit a wrong note, you heard that too. It was fun and made the music real; it all came to life.

If I had some extra cash, I would purchase a tee-shirt from the concert as a memento. I always wore my shirt proudly to school the Monday after a concert, and I would integrate it into my wardrobe. Once I got to college, band tee’s were not really “cool” anymore, so I folded mine up and stored them; after all, they were my mementos.

Fast forward to 2017 and I see people wearing band tee’s again! Love it! So I found two in my coffers and decided to re-integrate them into my wardrobe for the spring season. I love vintage pieces with meaning, as well as sharing my music taste!

AC/DC was one of my favorite groups when I was in high school. I saw them in concert twice! Once at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, and once in Oakland; The Razor’s Edge tour and also the Money Talks tour. My love for the band’s music has never wavered, and I will always enjoy listening to their albums. My eight-year-old son has also taken a liking to AC/DC and he loves “Back in Black.” It is fun to be able to share my favorite music with my kids. I hope they enjoy music from my generation, as well as their own.

There is so much good music from all periods in time. I enjoy everything from Opera to classic pop to classic rock to modern music. Every musical genre has it’s own special flavor; music makes the world go round!

What is your favorite type of music? Do you have any favorite music groups that have withstood time?

AC/DC tee’s in stock around the web:

My outfit details:

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eShakti denim jumper

eshakti denim jumper review how to wear a denim jumper denim jumper for winter into spring how to style a denim jumper denim jumper trend for spring jumper trend

Wearing: Kendra Scott earrings / Chanel spring lipstick / Gap turtleneck / denim jumper c/o eShakti (sold out, visit eShakti.com for more options) / faux shearling jacket (on major sale!!) / JW Anderson handbag / Kendra Scott ring / Kendra Scott nail polish / Gucci spring slides

Jumpers were a huge trend on the runways of New York Fashion Week. In addition to being a hot runway trend, fashion insiders were already wearing the trend on the streets of New York Fashion Week in September. This my friends, is a trend you cannot ignore.

When eShakti approached me to test out one of their custom fit dresses, I jumped at the chance. They have this fabulous denim jumper as part of their dress collection; and it is ideal for transitioning from winter into spring. Not to mention, it is a denim jumper which combines two hot spring trends; denim and jumpers. Love that!

There is something about a jumper which reminds me of my childhood. I went to Catholic school for a few years and we had to wear jumpers. In addition to my school uniform, jumpers were a popular fashion trend in the 1980’s, and well into the early 1990’s when jumpers transformed from thick strapped dresses over blouses into spaghetti strapped dresses over tee shirts. But there is something more grown-up about the trend this time around.

This time, the jumper trend does not have rules. You can wear anything underneath any sized strappy dress and it is “street style” approved. I love this denim jumper by eShakti since it combines the denim trend, the jumper trend, and a custom fit which is fabulous for shorter gals like me.

When you order from eShakti, they ask you where you want the dress to hit you on your leg, how tall you are, and for any modifications. For this denim jumper, the length could be maxi, midi, or mini. I chose above the knee. They also ask how tall you are, so this helps ensure the hemline hits in the right place. Works like a charm!

I wasn’t thinking about what I planned to wear underneath this jumper when I ordered it. When worn over a turtleneck, as in this post, the dress is a bit snug. Worn alone, which I plan to do in warmer months, it fits perfectly. If you plan to layer a form fitting jumper, or any jumper for that matter, order one size up to leave room for what you plan to wear underneath.

This isn’t the first time I have ordered from eShakti. I have a fun pink skirt from them I ordered a few years ago. The quality is quite good for the pricing. The fabric holds up after being washed, and the stitching stays in place. I am pleased with how well their clothing is made.

My denim jumper is sold out, but there are plenty more jumpers, including denim jumpers, in stock from eShakti. For more customizable clothing options, visit eShakti.com.

Outfit details:

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