Can’t get enough of my . . . boyfriend jeans!

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So do you have that one piece of clothing in your closet you find yourself reaching for over, and over, and over, and over again? I do! My boyfriend jeans! Sometimes I actually have to stop myself from wearing my boyfriend jeans. After all, a girl can’t be seen wearing the same thing two days in a row!

So boyfriend jeans aren’t new on the denim scene. They have been around for a few years as a popular denim style. Although I have owned boyfriend jeans for several years now, this season I cannot seem to get enough of them!

Skinny jeans have become boring to me, and a lot of the cropped styles on the market this season, don’t really excite me. You won’t catch me in “mom jeans,” after all, I can’t even bring myself to drive a mini-van. Those high-waisted jeans popping up all over Instagram make me a giggle a little. C’mon, didn’t we learn from the high-waited denim mistake a few decades ago? Just say no to high-waists. They give everyone a pooch belly.

Boyfriend jeans have become my go-to denim style this season because they are comfortable, easy to wear, and they have built-in air conditioning. Those distressed holes they come with allow for some air flow! This is great when the temperatures start to rise above 70. Love them!

It is also really easy to wear boyfriend jeans with wedges, flats, or heels; depending upon the occasion.

Denim is also a fabric which can washed over, and over, and over again without looking old or frayed; haha, unless they were meant to look that way like these distressed boyfriend jeans! I can keep washing, drying, and wearing these jeans without worrying about them looking old. They really are my number one go-to item. It’s possible I wear them more then my favorite handbags; and handbags transcend season!

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What do you think of boyfriend jeans? What is your favorite denim trend du jour? Do you have a go-to item in your closet you find yourself reaching for time and time again?

boyfriend jeans outfit details:

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Ruffles and stripes

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wearing: Chanel sunglasses / turquoise statement earrings / lipstick c/o Estee Lauder / white ruffle sleeve top (white sold out, also love this one) / rose gold cuff / black watch / striped ruffle maxi skirt / Givenchy Antigona (color from past season-also love this one) / Chanel summer nail polish / black wedge espadrilles (under $100 and super comfy!)

What happened to our summer weather? I wore this outfit on Mother’s Day, expecting it to be a warm day, and instead, it was freezing! Despite the non-May-like weather, Mother’s Day turned out to be fun!

We started the day off by attending mass as usual. Then, my Mom came over and we all went out for brunch at a restaurant named “Hult’s” located in Los Gatos. They had a prix-fix menu which was delicious! We were definitely stuffed!

I had planned to do some yard-work in the backyard after brunch, but I was waaaaay too stuffed to do anything! So we ended up watching the Warriors game on television, and just relaxing at home. It was a nice way to spend Mother’s Day, but the yard-work still needs to get done! I’m at a point where I might just pay our gardener a little extra to get it done. My weekends this spring have been busy crazy; I haven’t had a free weekend to get anything done around the house. Have you ever had periods of time like this?

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Summer casual Friday

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Wearing: rose gold dangle earrings / Chanel sunglasses / lipstick c/o Estee Lauder / one cold shoulder tee / watch c/o Welly Merck (use code BAF20 to save 20% off ) / guitar strap (on major sale!) / casual black satchel / distressed boyfriend jeans / Chanel summer nail polish / Gucci slides (also love this pair under $70)

Happy Friday! Our summer weather is here, so it is time to start rolling out the summer weather wardrobe! Love! I love wearing these loose-fitting, distressed boyfriend jeans on warm days. The distressed portions are like built-in air conditioning! haha

This has become one of my go-to outfits for the warm weather season. Everything I am wearing is extremely comfortable, and easy to just throw on in the morning. Plus, these jeans and tee are machine wash cold. Love that! I can deal with clothing I cannot throw in the washing machine. I need to be able to wash and go with my clothes!

I wore this outfit while out with my ten-year-old daughter earlier this week. She took these photos and is showing a keen interest in photography. While my son and oldest daughter attend our local public school, I homeschool  my ten-year-old daughter through an online school. She has ADHD and the online school is a great set-up for her. They have different curriculum options, and we chose one which gives her the flexibility she needs to stay focused and on task.

The way her schooling works is genius. The school gives us a syllabus and all of the supplies, books, and workbooks she needs for the school-year. I administer the assignments, and organize her week. It’s great because on days when she is able to focus she can work ahead, and on days when she has trouble staying on task, we can stop working and do something else. Sometimes she does school work on the weekends, or after dinner; it just depends on when she feels like she can focus.

The online school she attends has been fabulous since they adjust her curriculum to fit her 170+ IQ. So her math is accelerated! It’s amazing! Plus, she has an accredited teacher she can go-to if something is beyond my expertise. We started to homeschool though an online school when she was in third grade and realized kids with ADHD fall through the cracks in the public school system, and private schools which cater to kids like her cost over $30K a year. We initially thought we would transition her back to public school for sixth grade, but she has decided she would like to continue online school for middle school.

So you might be wondering why I am bringing this up on a fashion blog, well, I do have a point! My daughter snapped these pictures for me and has shown an interest in learning more photography. I am thrilled because her school has a photography elective she can take in sixth grade and it is perfect for both of us! She is excited to learn more about using a DSLR and also learning the artistic side to photography. As a blogger mom, I will benefit because she will be my photographer! Technically, she already takes about one-third of my photos, so she is already my photog, but now, she will be able to take the camera out of auto and into manual. She is excited, and I am thrilled! Yay!

If you have a child with ADHD and you are struggling with your child’d school placement, feel free to contact me. We have been through it all! Her online school has been a lifesaver and has built up her confidence ten-fold. Plus, she has a 4.0 gpa and loves school! That is music to any parent’s ears.

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